Can the Feds open mail without warrants?

President Bush has “quietly claimed sweeping new powers to open Americans’ mail without a judge’s warrant,” the New York Daily News writes this morning.

When he put his signature on a postal reform bill on Dec. 20, the newspaper notes, the president added a “signing statement” that…

They have been doing it for years without any ‘signing statements’. If they want to know what’s inside, they will open it, and there seems to be nothing and no-one who would dare try and stop them.

Probably they will. Gonzalez was called to testify and refused to answer just that. So it’s not going to be something common, but if they feel they can track down terrorist by opening some mail I think they will without warrant. Hard to say for sure though since lately they did announce the warrantless ease dropping will stop. The White House lawyers are setting pretty broad meaning to terms like ’emergency’ and ‘war time’ or whatever.

No. US Mail can be searched only with a valid search warrant. “Non-intrusive inspections” – bomb or drug sniffers, X-rays, bio-hazard detectors etc – that do not require the package to be opened do not require a warrant. While many sorting offices do have them, they are ‘usually’ used only on suspicion. There simply aren’t enough to do every package in the mails. Richard

Yes, it appear that they can.

I hope all the people who supported the Patriot Act are satisfied with where it has led.

Yet another one of our rights goes down the tube…….and they talk about the liberals!

yep and the privilege is leading to horrendous abuses

THAT one is going to the supreme court. and it is unconstitutional. a lot!

They shouldn’t be but if they suspect terrorism.

yes they can god bless america


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