Did my siberian husky pup know he was gona die ? ?

Very weird and sad day today for my gf and family . Soo we had a siberian husky puppy only 4 months old,me and my gf had bought him together . Soo here’s the story .
My gf had left to work and our puppy was inside the house like always every morning and we were watching tv and my mom and gf say he has bin…

Dogs don’t see cars as something dangerous that they should watch out for. You called your dog and he came, its just unfortunate that your called him at the wrong time.

What led to the death of your puppy was the fact the door was not closed and the puppy got out.
dogs in general do not know that a car can kill them so what happened here is pure neglect when it comes to closing a door.
Safety of the dog begins with the owner and every one that lives in the home also.
Crating a dog for a short period of time is also a good thing to as he would have never got out of the house.

No. Are you suggesting this puppy ‘committed suicide’? This isn’t in the make-up of dogs. Elderly dogs can take themselves away (none of mine has!) when it comes to their final hours, but this young puppy simply took off because he had the opportunity to do so. And had a high old time of it once out there. Dogs are opportunists. The fact he got loose and hit by a car was an accident waiting to happen, and I hate to say it, caused by whoever left the door open, and whoever didn’t see the door was open and stop this puppy from getting out. Obviously his recall wasn’t solid by a long way and you didn’t know enough not to ‘chase him’. That’s a huge game to a puppy. And you never, ever play games with a dog, near a busy road, with them off the lead.

Imagine how the driver of the car who hit him must feel – I hope he stopped, much as there’s no way it was his fault!!

IF you get another puppy, play with him in his FENCED YARD. Not outside in the street.

I’m really sad for you that this happened, but fact is, it didn’t need to happen.

OK, you mentioned there that `my puppy looked very impatient and he jumped and pushed the door right open`
So you said impatient, the dog just got impatient and opened the door. And when he got out he forgot what he was running for, then he for fun`s sake or what, went into the house, and when he came out he thought why not go to another house to play. Then he accidentally got hit by the car and then this led to his death.

I’m very sorry to hear about your puppy. I doubt that a four month old puppy would know that he was going to die. He probably was just excited to see you, so he ran out in front of the car without thinking. Puppies are very much like little kids in that they don’t have the capacity to think and reason . I’m glad that you were there to hold him as he was dying.

I agree with blue angel. I think like all pups he wanted an adventure and got so exited he just ran out towards you. I am very sorry for the loss.

i would of killed and i do mean literary KILLED the person that ran him over

sorry about your loss btw 🙁

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