If Hamas rockets triggered the present crisis, how come Israel killed over 400 on the West Bank in 2008?

Israel claims the present problem has been caused by Hamas rockets.

So how come Israel has killed over 400 Palestinians in the last year where no Hamas rockets have been launched.

Hmmm …. you need better sources of info …. Hamas has been shooting rockets into Israel for months ….. Israel warned them to stop ,,,they didn’t …. Israel fought back

Hamas Rockets was never the cause for Israel to enter Palestine. This was jsut an excuse for Israel to Enter Palestine.
Everybody is so much influenced by the media. If BBC reported there has been alien air craft spotted everybody would be running to their TV Screens.

What im saying is dont belive everythign you read or hear.

Whoever is reading this right now, listen up….

I wanna say something to you…..

Do you really think our governments will tell us every single thing which is going on. Every Governemnt wants power, money and Land.

For the Israeli Government backed by the 2 biggest nations of the world,im sure you know by now. This current war is not to finish of Hamas, This war is to scare palestinians away for good, so Palestine land can be empty and use it for the Israelite.

This is the reason for this war, its LAND, GREED & POWER,

Zionist justify their immorality because of their indoctrination as youth in Hebrew school. The are taught gross bias and superiority and the right to do anything. It is a cult, a very large cult and more like a banking system than anything else. Most are businessmen, banksters and success and materialism is the root of their cult. The ends justify the means is justified by the “victimology” doctrine. Woe is me, if only you knew my suffering. They refuse to assimilate and, thus, cannot relate to any society they move into. It is an indoctrination process to achieve lasting bonding. It is the position of the eternal victim and they cannot ever pledge alliegence to any nation, except the zionist state of a fantasy land they call Israel. They think of themselves as a persecuted tribe who has wandered and have been tossed from every nation that eventually comes to understand their ways. Actually, many similarities with the underlying gypsy view of the world. theuy have their own laws and rules and scoff at the rules of whatever new society they wander into. it is a superficial accomodation and they typically scoff the other cultures. they reinforce their sense of personal identify and pride with this philosophy. some say that it somewhere between parasitic to theives, like the gypsies open admit. (lived with gypsies for research).

Israel is not doing this to protect the people from the rockets of hamas, these rockets are handmade and they almost cause no harm. in 8 years they killed 20 Israelis while in just 2 weeks Israel killed 810 Palestinians.
Israeli government is doing this because they need to win the elections. well all know that the fastest way for the Israeli government to increase its popularity is by killing a number of Palestinians.
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Because the Israelis are trying to destroy every little hidey hole that they think the Hamas uses to hide weapons in. The Hamas uses schools, temples, apartment buildings, even hospitals(!) to hide weapons in. And the Israelis are sick and tired of being bombed by the Hamas. Yes, BOMBED. The Hamas have dropped bombs onto the Israelis for the past six months nearly every day—and this was during a peace treaty time, when nobody was supposed to shoot anything at anyone!! There is no nation, anywhere in the world, that would have sat there for six months, doing nothing, while the next door country was dropping bombs on them! But Israel did. And now the tiger has been let loose. The Gazans are horrified, yes, but who let the Hamas stick weapons everywhere? The Gazans. Who let the Hamas fire weapons upon Israel during a peace treaty? The Gazans. So who’s fault is it, really? But nobody is actually going to say it, are they?

“So how come Israel has killed over 400 Palestinians in the last year where no Hamas rockets have been launched.”

That is false. Please get your facts right.

The year 2008 saw a dramatic increase in the extent of HAMAS rocket fire and mortar attacks on Israel, with a total of 3,278 rockets and mortar shells landing in Israeli territory (1,750 rockets and 1,528 mortar shells).

Dude, you sound like Christiane Amanpour reporting from your bunker inside your trailer. It is common knowledge that Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel during the last year.

But that is just my opinion on your reporting the news.

That’s an easy 2 points. Because it was in retaliation of Palestinian suicide bombers that got across the border to explode themselves in a public market and a busy street to kill 217 Israeli civilians and wound close to 1000.

Nice way of saying I hate Jews.

The reason it was only 400 instead of 4 million is Israel is compassionate

After 4000 years of persecution Israel knows the sorrow of being desperate refugees

400 huh well that is a good start I guess why don’t you head over there and give them a chance to up the anti to 401

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