Opening Christmas presents: Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

My family always opened them Christmas Eve, my husband’s family openened them Christmas Day.

Christmas morning and one gift Christmas Eve…usually pajams but not this year. I changed jobs recently and have no money. Its the first time ever the tradition I started 21 years ago will be broken. Trying not to be sad about it.

Christmas Eve

We open them Christmas Eve, then the stockings in the morning. That way the kids have all day to play with their stuff. But we originally started opening them on Christmas Eve because that’s when our entire family could get together.

We open one gift each on Christmas Eve and then the rest of Christmas Day. I get too excited weeks before Christmas is even here and want people to open all their presents !! I have to settle for at least Christmas Eve.!

Christmas Eve for gifts from family/friends. Christmas morning from Santa!!

My kids stockings were always their favorites. They would crawl into bed with us and open them giving us an extra 1/2 hour to wake up. Then downstairs for the rest. There is something about the excitement of children going to bed on Christmas Eve looking forward to the morning that just can’t be missed!

Don’t know if you have children,But when my girls were young we did both. On Christmas eve night we would load the girls up in the car and drive them around the neighbor hood to look at lights. they’d get so excited,then we’d go home and let them open a gift from Santa, Then on Christmas morning they’d open gifts from mom and dad. If we were going to be traveling any where we always let them open all their gifts at home and take their favorite gift on the trip with them. Of course Santa always had things waiting for them at grandma and grandpa’s. Just have fun with the kids they grow up so fast.Don’t get stuck with whats right or wrong.

We allow the kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve… Now guess what? It is always new pajamas so that the kids look nice in the photos taken Christmas morning as they open up Santa’s gifts!


My family always opened them Xmas morning, after the kids played with their “Santa Claus” gifts for a bit…

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