≪~~>Pick a scar on your body. Where’d it come from??

Two small balck marks on the Middle Toe of my Left Foot….
A large Ant bit me when i was a Toddler, it kinda sunk deep into the skin… And ever since then, the scar has been growing along with my Toe, proportionately!!

My fav scar is on my belly button. I had it peirced when i was 16, then at 19 i had my daughter and throughout the pregnancy everyone said i wouldnt scar but it did. Now i am scarred for life, and cant wear a bikini.

I fell onto a board with the heads of nails sticking out of it, as a child. Right into the back of my head. 1/4 inch in either direction and I would be worm food. Nice scars.

Nice scar on the bottom of my neck from a total thyroidectomy in May of 2005.

right foot – dog bite
back-had cyst removed when I was six
leg – have a large round scar about the size of a baseball, from a raspberry birthmark that was removed
big toe, right foot – bottle cut it
right thigh – my cousin threw a bottle at the floor and glass shot up and cut me
I’m sure I have more . . .

There’s a small mark on my left hand from the first and only day I worked on a construction crew, I got my wrist cut by a metal piece that was sticking off a truss.

i was being a retard running down a really steep hill and it got a little toooo steep so i tripped, flipped until i skid across the concrete..i ripped my clothes and my jordans got chafed =( plus my scar is still very purple after half a year, hmph..one heck of a fall, and the funny thing is i was laughing really hard and didnt cry, lol

My heart. Emotionally scarred. HAHA, yeah right. My left thigh. From falling in PE class.

I was bending over the toilet bowl to puke out excessive tequila from the night before, while getting up I bumped my hip hard on the toilet paper holder and it bled. That’s my new year’s scar.

I have a 6“ scar on my throat, where two beautiful women doped me and cut my throat. Did I mention they were dermatologists removing a tumor?

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