What major events happened in the united states from 1900-1950?

World War I

World War II

The Great Depression

The 19th Amendment that gave Women the right to Vote.

The 20th Amendment which gave more details regarding terms

The 21st Amendment which ended the Prohibition on alcohol

The New Deal

The US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Depending on how many things you are looking for, here are a few really big ones”

1906- San Francisco earthquake
April 15, 1912-Titanic sinks
1914-1918-World War I
1929-Stock Market crash-Great Depressiosn begins
1930-1936-Dust Bowl in the Midwest
Sept 1, 1939-Adolf Hitler invades Poland
1940-1945-World War II-ended when Harry Truman drops two Atomic bombs


Spanish American War 1900

World War I 1914

Founding of the NFL 1920

Great Depression 1929

FDR’s New Deal 1932

World War II 1939

Dates from Shmoop History: http:/www.shmoop.com/history/

The start of American civil rights right movement; the Harlem Renaissance; Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to break the color barrier and be allowed to play in the major leagues; the horrific attack on Pearl Harbor and World War I and II.

WOW Too much, how about The great Depression. Surely you heard about it it was in all the papers. Prohibition. WPA, Votes for women. WWI and WW2. Roosevelt elected for 4 terms. And on and on. The list is long.

WW2,Great depression, women’s rights, rights of the mental disabled-mental hospitals and psychologically unstable patients, and A LOT more! I know people don’t support Wikipedia but they do have a lot of answers that would help you! Just search the years and pick out things you think is the most significant. Good luck!

WWI (’14s)
WWII (’40s)
The Stock Market Crash/The Great Depression (inter-related) (’20s)

The great depression, atomic weapons used on Japan, Invention of TV

Great Deppression, WWI, WWII, automobile era begins, electricity starts to come into homes, begining of cold war

Movies, telephones, etc. invented
Roaring 20s
Women’s Right to Vote
Great Depression
Pearl Harbor

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