When playing strip poker……….?

What is the first piece of clothing you pull off when you lose?

Thanks for the invite, dear, I’ve been DYING to get this damm underwire off all day!


Well I think normally you play till your naked but if your friends dont feel comfortable with that I wouldnt want them to be mad at you if you said that is the only way to play. So I would make the game to play till whatever they are comfortable with. Playing till underware is still fun and it wouldnt make people feel akward. Have Fun!

i usually just get it over with and take off all my clothes before the start of the game makes things more interesting

omg i am the master of this game but after the first six seconds im bored so when i lose i just rip all my clothes off its so much easier this way

The Raincoat.

well i would like to say i had the gumption to just take it all off right away like some. but most likely i would go right for the shirt or the pants after my shoes.

I bet them all on the first hand,that way I win if I lose win or draw.

(You knew this one would get my attention, didn’t you?!?)

I usually go right for the Zoolander underwear trick…

Starts the game off with a Bang!…

i think we both know the answer to this question…i would take off my fake mustache then my underwear.

I cheat like crazy so I don’t have to take anything off ever. ; )

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