Who knows comcast internet or computers well?

When I got the internet i installed a disk on my computer called Comcast High – speed internet install wizard that made a connection and such. The pack costed a doller. Im ging to reboot my computer from the disks and all that jazz because it is all messed up (don’t tell me not to b/c i know i need to). But…

You will need to re-install the software. You won’t be double charged. When you’re installing the software it should ask you if you’re a new customer or an existing one already.

Reboot additionally popular as restart, reboot is a term used to describe the technique of restarting the workstation or digital gadget. Rebooting is now and back had to recover from an errors, re-initialize drivers, or hardware instruments. A reboot could additionally take place immediately if the workstation or hardware gadget encounters an errors or is overloaded. If the workstation is working regularly, the person shouldn’t purely press the reset button or ability the workstation on and rancid to reboot. rather, restart the workstation or shutdown the workstation as required via your working gadget. So no longer something would be lost

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