Will there soon be a global nuclear war?

I’m sure Japan also said don’t worry about the Americans, we’re surrendering soon anyway, and yet look what happened there. I wouldn’t be too quick to simply discredit the rather stygian threats of the N. Koreans. Any nation run by that form of communist dictatorship, with such oppression and apathy is quite likely to be equally void of logical thought when pondering the question, “nuclear strike, yay or nay?”.

They’re unpredictable and that, in quite a paradoxical manner, makes them predictable. Could they attack? Certainly! Don’t be too dismissive. The Germans were dismissive when considering an attack at Normandy, they naively secured and bolstered defences at Calais, and look what happened. Don’t be presumptuous, such suppositions could prove hazardous and short-sighted.

I think a better question is not whether or not there will soon be a global nuclear war, but rather, will there soon be another world war?

Should actual, physical confrontation break out between the Korean states I highly doubt we’ll see the use of nuclear weapons, I believe hostilities will have ended long before situations get critical enough to make that a viable option.

Plus, you must consider the fact that, N. Korea has less than 10 plutonium fuelled warheads, which do not as of yet have long range capacity, their payload technology is inferior, by far, to almost all other nations with nuclear capacity.

While on the other hand, the US has somewhere just short of 8000 uranium fuelled warheads, with the most specialised and advanced payload technology in the world.

The Koreans are rash, brazen, even senseless at times, but they are not stupid, and given their weaponry position relative to the US, I highly doubt they are stupid enough to take on an enemy with that kind of military superiority.

Throughout history every ruling nation, in other words, world super power, has had its weapon. The British had an amazing navy, second to none, the Germans, a ruthless leader, the Romans, unshakable order and rule. In the modern world, it’s nuclear weaponry.

I dislike America, but give them credit where credits due, they are an impressive military presence, Korea? Don’t stand a damn chance. Take into consideration that even Russia and China have condemned N. Koreas actions, or rather inactions, thus far empty threats, although I can’t see the US’ ark nemesis, Russia, taking side with them physically, or the worlds next super power, former communist state, China, I think that lack of backing from those who N. Korea may have considered potential allies, could be a sufficient deterrent, or at least a retaliation to the idea of nuclear attack.

Also what Pamela is speaking of above is called an electric pinch, a relatively well known but undeveloped technology within the field of plasma physics and she’s wrong, the technology to produce a pinch large enough to shut down a nations power grid is unheard of. No such advancements have been made. At least not a safe one. The E1 is a device known t bring about this result but it must be detonated as part of a warhead above the targeted area which would mean killing civilians, it’s not a reliable method. This pulse has MAINLY, only been known to occur due to the detonation of a nuclear weapon, which makes this a useless form of defence, counter intuitive really. We have not yet managed to derive a way of doing this without an explosion of some form.

Simply, nuclear attack? Don’t rule it out, I don’t think so personally.

World War three? More likely.

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Not very likely, because the first country to deploy a nuclear weapon would receive an Electro Magnetic Pulse that would silence their power grid and communications networks and all electronics.


North Korea does not have the capability to deliver a Nuclear Weapon, except in a Large Truck.

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No don’t worry about North Korea’s idle threats.

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