1998 Honda civic lx driver side door latch stuck, door is unlocked, wont release inside / out by door handle?

The door was working fine until 2 weeks ago, I closed the door after getting out of the car and later that afternoon the door would not open.

The door does not have any dents or rust visible.

The door will lock and unlock with key, remote, or manual, but will not release the latch, can not open the car door…

will have to pull door panel off sand fix handle from there its broken from behind the panel

1998 Honda Civic Door Handle

the hard part is getting the door panel off but if you pull the seat, that could clear you some space. i know that it is like pulling a horses teeth through its &^% but in a bad situation, you have to do weird things. after that seat is out, you can locate all of the screws to the door panels and then pull it off. you should also be able to look at the passenger side for a basic map of what you need to look ofor on the driver side. once that panel is off, you can remove the plastic liner from the door and locate the rod that actuates the mechanism in the door and move it appropriately to open the door. with all of that apart, you might be able to find the actual issue in the door.

The linkage that unlatches the door latch has probably disconnected.
Get a manual that shows what needs to be and what needs to be,
On some cars there is a plastic clip that acts as a retainer to keep the linkage connected, sounds as if this may have broken and the linkage came off.
If the dealer can open the door with “slim jim” type tool that looks like a bent and twisted antenna, that might help you fix the door.

im having the same problem on our 98 Honda civic ive looked at my passenger door and the stuff in the driver door is working lik its supposed to be doing but no luck I getting the door unstuck

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