2007 Acura TL-S vs Infiniti G35 Sedan Sport?

If you have driven both of them, how are they compared in:

I drove both the TL and the G35 (Journey, not sport) and ended up buying the G35 (the 2007 sedan).

Personally, I’m not sure it’s fair to compare the G35 to the TL. The TL is a bit larger car than the G35. I don’t have much garage space and the TL would not fitbut the G35 will.

I drove a 2000 BMW 328i that got totaled on December 20, which is what put me in the market for a new car. Both of these cars are a much better ride than the BMW, however the BMW handled much better. The power on the G is awesome. I would have loved to get the G35 Sport with the 6-speed manual, but I spend most of my time in Los Angeles traffic, so decided against another manual.

Anyway, on to your specific questions…

Performance. Hands down, the G kicks the posterior of the TL. It gets out of the hole nicely and really shines when you need to kick it down in the 30-60 mph range. The rev matching downshifting in the sport shift mode is nice too.

Luxury. I put everything on my G (premium, nav, tech, wheels) and am extremely happy with it from a luxury standpoint. The TL can be nicely appointed as well, but just doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as the G. I really like the Intelligent Cruise Control. I set the Cruise at 80 and it will actually brake to slow down if the cars in front of me brake. The Bose stereo is outstanding and I love the hard drive that rips any CD’s you put in. I”m still getting used to the NAV system, but it seems more than adequate.

Value. I got my G for $1200 over invoice (it took quite a bit of shopping around… They’re not usually dealing on these), so, when you factor in the 60,000 mile warranty, I think the G has a better value than the Acura.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy whichever one you get as much as I am enjoying mine. It kind of makes me feel like a kid again.

The Acura TL is just an amazing car. The g35 is also amazing. They perform the same way, but the Tl has a better drive. The infiniti is more luxurious though. I am not sure about the G35’s value,but the Acura Tl type S has an amazing value and will last for a while.

I used to have an ’04 TL. When it came out it was by far better than the G35 of its time and a class leader. But 3 years later after experiencing the ‘ 07TL-S and G35, I have an ’07 G35x. Hondas and Nissans are all reliable cars, so that wasn’t a factor. But for about the same price as the FWD TL-S, you can have a G35x (AWD) with all of the same tech gadgets you’d find in the TL-S. The only real modifications over the standard TL in the TL-S are 28HP (258 vs. 286) and a navigation system (which I personally dislike in general). The G35x goes great in the snow or rain, , is faster than even a manual transmission TL-S, IMO looks nicer, and handles better (The AWD system is set up so that the car is RWD until the car senses slip, so it handles as well as a RWD G35). Now don’t get me wrong all TLs are all great cars, and you wouldn’t be unhappy with one (In fact, if gas millage is a big factor, they even get better gas millage than the G35). But for me the decision was a no brainer. Oh yeah and if you ever floor it from a dead stop in a TL-S, be prepared to squeel your tires and sound like a hot-rodder (which may or may not be a good thing depending on the situation).

I’d go with the Infiniti, not because of quality, but more like the performance and the set up of the car. The TL-S chassis is a front wheel drive, which is blow because all big FWD car sucks in most aspects.

The G35, on the other hand, is a pure rear wheel drive (RWD) sport sedan that will out perform the TL-S under any condition. RWD car also tend to keep its value better because of its popularity and high demands, and most definite, MORE FUN TO DRIVE. Though Infiniti reliability might not be on Honda’s level, i’d still pick it over the TL-S any day of the year.

My opinion doesnt nescessary mean the TL-S is a bad car. It certainly has its own quality, like reliability, built quality, and more visual-friendly design. It’s certainly good for women or elders because it’s more easy and safer to drive, no worry about the rear-end will break loose in the rain at a sharp turn. In sumary, it’s a super good car for people with no interests in real performance and driving characteristics.

the G35 is way more powerful i said way more again, 306hp vs 286hp. They both luxurious but the edge goes to the G35, cause they copy a lot of their feature from the coupe and the luxurious M series, the fact its so powerful and have all the attributes of the other series in it the G35 sedan is some kinda special hybrid infinity, and his values are set to be keep as high as the other ones. Very stylish can go wrong with that.

Infiniti G35 S

G35 is by far the most bang for the buck. It is in a class with BMW vs. its Japanese sibilings. As far as performance, G35 hands down! Stick or Automaic. Gas millage Acura has a slight advantage but if you are going to have your foot in it, it relly doesn’tmatter does it? Luxuy I go with the G35 BUT the quality of the leather and other interior parts are better with the Acura.
The VQ35 engine (G35) is a power house. The Acura engine on the other hand is like a swiss watch. Cannot go wrong with either one. Go with your heart!

2007 Infiniti G Sedan

performance G35, because its RWD, the acura is FWD.
luxury.. the acura has nicer trim and leather.
value… unsure on the prices

edit: have you looked at used stuff at all? you could get a still under warranty E-class, CLK, 5-series, GS300, all within that price range.. and much nicer cars

Definitely Infinity G35. no doubt in my mind. I’ve been in both of them, but G35 was deifnitely much nicer.

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