30Th Birthday Celebration Ideas for my wife?

Well actually it will be the day before so I’m calling it “you’re only 29 for one more day.” Her best friend is driving into town to take her out to breakfast and some shopping. My wife will think i’m at work. I will have invited over her friends and will have a cake and barbecue that day. …

If you are having a lot of people for barbecue I would suggest going to WalMart or Target and for around $20 you can get a badmitton/volleyball set, maybe have cards and dominoes also. That would be fun for group interaction. To help bring back some nostalgia for her lost youth, (ha!), find some music that she loved while growing up, maybe some food favorites from her youth and if people are going to be over at night rent some of her old movie favorites from the 80’s and have them on in the background(Goonies anyone!!). You can even decorate with old pictures of her teen heart throbs. It shouldn’t be hard to find some online. Most of all I am sure she will appreciate your nice gesture no matter what the monetary value is! Good luck!

It would be cool to have your friends over and have everyone dress the like they would have 30 years ago. From head to toe. You could get a disco ball! Find some things that were popular when she was growing up and maybe decorate with them. Have her friends get her an outfit together and have it ready for her if you are having a surprise party, so she can change. Have her baby picture blown up and at the center of the party or have it put onto a cake. just some ideas!! have fun!

That sounds like fun, maybe you could have her friends put together a scrapbook (or photo album) of their favorite memory with her. Each page could have a theme like “remember when we…..(and they could fill in the blank and put in a photo) Also, you could get a big frame with a mat and have everyone write messages to her, then put in a picture of her and her friends from the party. You don’t have to spend a ton of cash, she’ll appreciate the effort and just being able to spend a relaxing day with her friends. Good luck!!

For some reason, 30 is traumatic for some people. Just get her a really nice card that lets her know you think she is more beautiful in every way than when you married her…even better in your own words…and list her accomplishments that you value too. Yeah you could get her an album for her birthday party pictures you will be taking….Have a great party.

Spa treatment!!!!! Toes too. The whole works. ♥♥♥

you sound like such a good husband. i think that whatever you do she will love. Sorry i don’t have any ideas for you though. good luck.

maybe u should get something that well remind her of your guys first date

absolutely sweet and enough. what a nice surprise!!!! sure she will love it!

looks like you already planned it. you need nothing else.

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