Another mass murder shooting in America … this time Aurora Co. in a crowded theatre brought to you …?

… F/ the country that leads the world in gun violence … what are your thoughts?

We need a new world where either everyone has guns, or nobody does. Would the people responsible have done so if everyone in the cinema was armed? Doubtful.

blu! You are in the left wing camp again. Where are you getting all this crap, you didn’t post left-wing stuff in times past.

The purpose of the second amendment is not to provide for hunting. The purpose is to assure a free people can stay free from government oppression. Remember, that was the purpose of the war for independence, and the purpose of the war of 1812. Did you forget that the Jews were disarmed by the government before the Holocaust?

I have a story of my own. I keep a Colt 45 in the glove box. One night I was driving across country and decided to pick up a hitch hiker who looked cold and hurting. I slipped the 45 under my left leg. The guy was okay for the first 200 miles. As we approached a junction at which he wanted to go left and me right, he pulled out a switch blade and said “I will need your car” I slipped the 45 out from under my leg.. He put the knife away and I stopped and let him out. There was no violence. The gun prevented the violence.

Another historical fact. During WWII Japan decided not to attack the US mainland simply because they knew the citizens are armed.

A sad and frightening commentary on the neglect of the mentally ill in this country. This was not about just gun violence but the lingering stigma attached to having a mental illness…even the family members remain hesitant to assist in getting treatment for someone with a disorder, not blaming this family, but I have seen families members deny and even attribute he m.i. to until we treat our mentally ill with the empathy and understanding of cancer or HIV pt; we are unfortunately doomed to have these mass horrendous incidents. And if other patrons had been armed..well, I don’t feel a Wild West shoot out is in the best interests of all concerned..perhaps more people would have been harmed or murdered…so sad..I have sent a prayer of safety to all the service people with whom I have contact today.

Let me let you know how my afternoon went. I obtained residence from work and heard on the information in regards to the shooting. I known as my dad to ask him about considered one of our relatives. He called the younger man’s mother. She did not recognize. She called his brother.. He didn’t recognize. Sooner or later, after a number of tries, certainly one of our household got through to him and the cellphone chain began again. It was some very horrifying moments we had. What is worse is the very horrifying moments that some households have had when they certainly not reached their loved one stationed there. No person is ready for the car coming to your residence with the officers stepping out to let you know your cherished one has died. Let the army do their job on this after which we can all make an informed announcement on what occurred.

I have more than once used my gun to protect myself, colleagues at work, my family, and my neighbors. There is just something about 230 grains of lead almost a half an inch in diameter that deters crime. Although I do see people use guns for less than noble purposes, when I caught a grown man coming through my 12 yo daughter’s window I was glad I kept a loaded 45 in my nightstand.

I’ll also go out on a limb here and say, had all the lawful adults in that theatre had a 45 like mine on them last night, the results may have been quite different…

My hubby told me this morning. I did not see the news as I was getting ready for Dr. appointment. I got the news on for a moment. This is awful, but these b******* will find a way gun or no gun. It’s these sh** heads who ruin it for the rest of us. Airports, schools, courts, now walking in a theater, library, hospital anywhere, we will all be scanned and searched. News showing the piece of s*** with a smiling smirk on it’s face. If I was a cop I would slap it off his face. Sorry I am ranting, but this is senseless. They said tell your kids it’s isolated, but isolated is getting more and more frequent. These are the ones who will take our gun owners rights away, but THEY will always have their guns and other weapons. I say they will kill guns or no. They will kill.

Guns don’t kill people.

People kill people.

You cannot condemn an entire nation, or it’s policies, on the random acts of a few twisted psychopaths. We have only had two mass shootings in the UK, and on both occasions the Government responded with ridiculous, knee-jerk reactions and now virtually all guns are illegal here.

Has it stopped gun crime?

Not a bit of it!

Gun crime figures are far higher now than when firearms were generally available. All the ban did was to remove guns from the hands of the responsible and law-abiding shooters, innocently following a much-enjoyed pastime, and give them to the pimps, thugs, teeny-gangs and drug-pushers.

Tightening the gun-control laws in the USA would be an equally futile waste of time.

You cannot legislate against lunatics.

I have to wonder if he is another one of those shooters that is on some type of prescription medication for depression or other mental problems. That’s something that the liberal mass media doesn’t focus on and in nearly all of the shooting cases and some other horrific violence it comes out in trials that they are on medications. Many of these new medications also blunt the conscience so that a person can think out such scenarios without compassion, modern forms of entertainment such as violent video games, violent movies, violent music fuels the imagination. If guns are outlawed then there will be new ways of doing massive amounts of harm, just think about the other resources that will still be legal that could be used for mass killings.

Do other countries have so many people medicated like the U.S. does? I would like to see the statistics on that.

The statistics for gun deaths and injuries are documented by the police, but there is no documentation for the lives they may be saving such as shooting to scare off a bear or wolf, or burglar, or potential rapist. Not to mention those who won’t dare to mess with someone who is armed. I have heard incidental stories including one in my city of a young woman who kept a loaded handgun under her pillow, she woke up in the middle of the night after sleeping deeply to find a large young man on top of her trying to undress her, she reached up and got her small gun and shot him in the side, didn’t kill him but he looked down at the blood and said “why did you do that?” and left quickly. The woman that told me the story met that woman in a self-defense class after it happened.

As far as I know, nobody on the news has yet mentioned this. But almost exactly one year ago today, Anders Breivik–another “military type” guy like the one under arrest in Aurora CO–used guns to murder eighty or ninety people at a rustic resort in Norway. And it was easy for him, because everyone at the resort was unarmed. Because Norway has very strict gun-control laws.

Blu, I just read about this tragic shooting on yahoo.
I really don’t know what to think, if we ban guns then only the very evil or very violent people will still hang onto them.
We owned a 9mm semi-auto handgun years back but sold it because we didn’t ever want to have access to so much power.
I grew up with guns everywhere but we kept them locked an unloaded except for the little pop shooter my mother kept in her bra as she worked at night and didn’t want to be caught off guard in the parking lot.
Sometimes I think if you are looking or waiting for trouble, trouble will find you.
There are already many laws on gun ownership, a few crazies are still going to own them.
I live now in Hungary where it is not legal to own guns but we know of someone living very , very close to us who owns one, criminals will always have them no matter what the laws are.
It seems we should probably pay closer attention to anyone who seems to have mental or emotional issues, they may be the first to explode under pressure and take out their frustration on anyone near them.
It’s very hard to know what is personal freedom and what is correct to protect society from insane people.
Should everyone that wants a gun go through a mental evaluation, they already go through a criminal background check.Still criminals have guns so the rules just don’t work.
Here in Hungary it used to be very strict, still is in many ways, there is a mental emergency hospital across the st from our apt. i see some faces looking out the windows for months at a time.
I asked my husband why are they still in that hospital and not sent out to the countryside or to a bigger hospital. He said once they decide to lock you up in a mental hospital it is for good, no one ever gets out.
The hard cases are locked up for life so they lose their freedom but society is safe from them.
We have to decide what is best and what we want more, personal freedom or safety from potential harm from unstable people having access to guns, even cars or tools for that matter.
Probably going to hurt the summer movie industry with this event.
People have to be on guard all the time every day whenever they step out of their front doors, very sad situation for all.
No good solution, who wants to go through metal screens every time they shop or go anywhere.
It would be like going to the airport every time you wanted to go anywhere or do anything.
We all don’t want to go back to the old west where everyone was packing and we hung em high if they broke the law.
Families and society in general has to change where people are kinder to each other and if we notice a fellow human having problems we listen and offer real help to them, people are very frustrated now with everything from their jobs, health scares, familes being so apart and broken,many people feel so alone and only know how to attack because they feel they are under threat.

I know one thing, prohibiting anything will not cause that thing to disappear. One only look to the war on drugs to see the truth of that statement. If we were to prohibit guns then most would keep the guns they have anyway, and the ones that turned theirs in would be defenseless against the ones that had them illegally.

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