Atheists, when the religious post I see a lot of you use the word evidence. Beliefs are formed by experience?

Facts are validated by evidence. If I had no experiences or evidence that led me to believe there WAS a God I would refer to myself as an agnostic. If I have the meanings right to be Atheist that means you have had experiences that led you to believe that there is NOT a God. What were they?

Agnostic is the description for Knowledge.

Atheist is the description for Beliefs.

I am agnostic (having no knowledge) about god, therefore I chose not to believe in things I have no knowledge of (atheist).

Some people are agnostic (having no knowledge) about god, but chose to believe in things they have no knowledge by basing it on faith (theist).

There are others who are agnostic (having no knowledge) about god, but too afraid to believe or disbelieve but sit on the fence thinking they will be right all the time. What do you call these people then? Your guess is as good as mine.

There can only be believe or disbelieve, no such thing as in between. If you do not think there is such a thing as a god, then you are atheist. If you think there is a chance there is such a thing as a god, you are a theist.

Actually, I can prove the sun will rise tomorrow. Unlike you, where sun rotate around earth, and one fine day the sun can decide not to rotate around earth. Science shows that earth self rotate, therefore 24 hours later after yesterday’s sun rise, I will experience today’s sun rise, see? no blind faith is required.

In between what? It is clear cut ….. If you tell me you have no knowledge and chose not to be bother with such belief, you are essentially an atheist.

Atheist = people who does not believe in the existence of god.

When you claim you don’t know, do you believe or do you not believe? That is a test of faith. If you say you would not know, then it means you have no faith, therefore equals to atheist. If you say there may be one, but you are not too concerned with it, then you are a theist. What is so difficult to understand?

Have a god = theist
Don’t have a god = atheist.
What is the third one?


Atheist and agnostic are not synonymous, that is true, see my first line. You are comparing apple with bacon.

One is a fruit, the other is a meat.

You do not need experience to tell you there is no god, as much as you do not need experience to tell you there is no Unicorn.

What happened to you to led you not to believe there is an unicorn? Does that make you agnostic of unicorn, therefore you do not believe there is an unicorn?

The only difference between true agnostic of god and true agnostic of unicorn is there is no word to describe a person who disbelieve in the existence of a unicorn.

I do not argue of the possibility of a god or creator or creative force.That is deism,and cannot be refuted,or proved,for that matter.I argue against specific beliefs,which are completely nonsensical.The Earth is much older than 6,000 years,snakes do not talk.Men are not formed of clay,women are not made from ribs,evolution did happen,burning bushes don’t talk,worldwide flood/ark never happened.People stay dead,people sink into water when they enter.These things we know.If you wish to retain a valid belief in a god or gods,adjust your belief accordingly,or live a willing lie

When you say that we must have had experiences leading us to not believe in god i’m assuming that you mean traumatic or bad/sad experiences? Everyone has them, but that’s not why I don’t believe in god. There are much better reasons than that. Anyway, religious people DO present their beliefs as fact.

very own experience is an area of a set of evidences for the guy believer. And it particularly is stable and proper, and that i’m particular you does no longer deny them that. Your buddy who had a imaginative and prescient became into moved sufficiently in his spirit to be confident that he could desire to persist with Christ. we won’t be able to know what led to that imaginative and prescient (as he became into no longer even in a church – wow!*) or what else became into happening at a non secular point. All we are able to assert is that he became into confident, sufficiently so as that he nonetheless remains confident now. In analyzing his new faith, he has probably found out that Jesus taught that he’s the only thank you to God, and of path he believes this and acts for this reason. it somewhat is logical, appropriate? so some distance, so stable? Now the crux of your “difficulty” – different individuals in say India supposedly have an analogous experience (perchance seeing an 8 armed woman) and throw themselves tirelessly into the Hindu existence. could desire to that provide even a moments pause on your buddy? i do no longer see why. he’s got here across his fact, and it works for Him. it is not his difficulty or certainly his job to cajole the Hindu guy his way is stable, however the Hindu is erroneous. He can tell the Hindu he’s erroneous, yet then it is as much as him to confirm. Does it provide you a difficulty? probably, on the grounds which you do no longer know which thank you to bounce now. so which you basically step out of the “pastime”. yet what you’re doing is projecting your confusion onto people who’re no longer puzzled. and you’re “crying out” for them to coach stuff to you which you would be able to’t comprehend. you recognize what? i’m going to assist you to recognize a secret (do merely no longer unfold it around) you may’t comprehend God. There, you have finally got here across the fact. God is God – you’re no longer and neither am I. you may no longer rationalise God. basically a fool could think of that he could desire to. * sarcasm btw

Atheist = Lack of God. Agnostics are atheist.


Atheism is the absence of belief in gods. You were an atheist when you were born, before you experienced anything.

I have never had any experiences that confirm or contradict the existence of Zeus, but I am absolutely convinced he doesn’t exist. So are you.

“Beliefs are formed by experience”

Trust me, non beliefs are based on experience, the complete and utter lack of any experience, whatsoever of any god(s).

experiences do not equal evidence

if they were they why don’t all you theists believe in the same version of god.

You’re simply interpreting your experiences into what you want to believe

Fuzzy warm feelings are a bad indicator of reality.

We don’t rely on belief, that’s why we are atheists.

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