Booting with Windows xp disk without wiping memory..?

Ok so my computer stopped booting on its own. I think i can fix it. Only problem is i need it booted up in order to fix it. Easy, right? well i tried booting from the disk, but instead of just booting like the old disks, windows xp H.E. decided to give me this a blue screen with options like these

> to set up…

Do NOT reformat and reinstall as you will lose all your current programs and data.

In general you want to do a repair install and NOT use the repair console.

Detailed instructions for a repair install are here… He also describes how to create an XP disk with the service pack included easily.

If you can no longer do a repair install or find it too complicated, DO NOT reformat and reinstall as this will wipe you out and leave you with nothing but the operating system. You would have to reinstall all your programs and much of your data would be inaccessible.

Reimage can repair your system even if a repair effort fails if you can get to the Internet. It costs a little but it is well worth it to save your data. It takes about 30 minutes and preserves your programs and data. If you are not happy with the results, you don’t have to pay and you can reverse any changes that it made. It’s good for a year, there’s 24/7 tech support and it repairs XP, Vista and Windows 7 too. More information here…

1st of all you’re confusing memory with hard disk content (data). Windows will not wipe your memory (RAM) because it needs it to perform any action whatsoever. While you’re booting your PC press F8 (on the top of your keyboard layout) before the screen that gives you those 3 options. You come across another screen that gives you several options. Choose the option “Last Know Good Configuration (advanced)”. Windows will load its last good configuration from automatic backups and you should be able to login to your session.

Good luck!

Hit R for recovery console, then C

Then at the C: prompt type chkdsk/r

that will fix your harddrive and not erase anything. It will take about 30 minutes or so. Make sure if its a laptop its plugged in.

Click on the first option, it will scan your PC and find the original Windows installation then it will ask if you want to repair this or make a new clean installation…..go for repair.

Try getting ‘Hiren’s Boot CD’ and rectifying the error. Hav helped me umpteen number of times.

I am will to bet that your right and it will wipe your memory out. There’s a chance it’ll wipe your drivers out and you’ll need to re down load them if only the operating system is on that disk you have.

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