Christians declared war against atheist?

Christians in facebook have invaded yahoo answers promising to aid their fellow christians with the help of their allies islam,taoism,buddhist etc.

It is said they will Invade Satanism first the worst enemy of all.

How will Atheist Anti-Christ and Satanist survive this…

Reality will win over fantasy in the end!!! No gods or devils exist anywhere outside of any ones improperly programed or brainwashed childishly unstable minds!!! If any god did exist we would all know it empirically with out any pretend fake belief of faith!!! Religions only concept of belief is telling big enough lies frequently enough to get tax free income for life!!!

If the Christians are all at you level of incompetence (such that they cannot even provide a working link), then I do not think we need to worry too much.

“@Pyrofirm you better watch out because you will never know when a nuclear bomb takes over yo building.”
More incompetence. A nuclear bomb in my area would kill far more Christians than atheists.

i do not comprehend what Christians you’ve been conversing to yet that is really incorrect. considering the fact that at the same time as changed into the party of Christmas only for one human being? this is the completed opposite of what we are requested to do. Christmas is a non secular party even if that is likewise a time for giving, loving, spending time with loved ones and showing others you care-no you may nonetheless allow you to comprehend that you won’t be able to do this. P.S- i totally settle for that Jesus may or may no longer were born on December twenty fifth, yet frankly i do not care at the same time as he changed into born. in reality that he changed into and that i’m sorry if some people don’t like that

Praise be to Jeebus!

I highly boubt that’s true! Do I see Christians attacking Yahoo? Besides, they’ll probably get lost along the way and end up in the Cats section or something…..

Christians have been at war against everyone else since their beginning, they murdered and enslaved everyone they came across that didn’t believe what they did right through history

There will be no war unless u started it

Christians will never start a war, if they did theirnot christians

We atheist shall win this war

We have logic, sanity, critical thinking and rational thoughts but they have the wind-tunnel . . . when they line up ear to ear.

thats like a bunch of rabbits trying to attack lions

Which side are the Jedi on?

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