Did the anti-war movement against the Vietnam War have an effect on government policy between 1965-1973?

If it did, briefly, what were they?
If they didn’t-why?
If anyone knows books that will point me in the right direction:

about the effects of the anti Vietnam war movement on U.S. government policy – effective or not?

that would be great


In the end, however, no protest demonstration or anti-war campaign ended the war in Vietnam. Those, like President Richard Nixon, who blamed the anti-war movement for American failures in Vietnam, were just as wrong as those anti-war activists who believed that in fact they had forced a stoppage. The decision to end the war was never in the hands of the U.S. government or the U.S. people; the decision ultimately rested with the Vietnamese, and the Vietnamese alone

From Shmoop/Vietnam War

The protests might desire to have helped value us that conflict, yet additionally have helped us win the broader warfare against the Soviet Empire. The protests and our eventual withdrawal confirmed that the yankee public can administration the movements of our government as we declare. there is not any telling how a lot or how little that did to disprove communist claims that democracy is a sham. Even people in communist international places who agreed we’ve been incorrect to be in Vietnam might have additionally come to desire a similar appropriate to protest against government blunders that we’ve. Historians will argue relating to the fast term and long term impacts of the protests indefinitely.

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