Disregard what our media says,Don’t you think it’s Indian Muslims who are behind Islamic Terrorism ?

Disregarding what MainstreamMedia Suggests,Don’t you think Indian Muslims are behind Islamic Terrorism in India
If you look at those countries where Islamic Terrorism is Rampant , they are those countries like Britian & India , which are considered to be muslim friendly countries .Indian muslims under the…

even though it is known to everyone nothing can be done. this is because the congress does not want to loose its muslim votes.

Many of the Indian Muslims though they are not frank, they
personally enjoy the terrorism activities by the Jihads.
Today’s Muslim youngster feels ‘this is not my country, my country is Pakistan’.
I am living in a secular place with equal population of Hindus, Muslims & Christians. I have lot of muslim friends when I was in school. But my son has not.
Muslim children are taught to differentiate other religions from them and keep away from them. Basically they are brainwashed to hate India and hindus recently christians !

no. it was not Indian muslims.
Kasab, says he is a pakistani. your statements are like Antulay’s, bith of you are going against the interests of the country.
have you for a minute pondered where the VHP and the bajrang dal have vanished over the past 3 weeks??
Even the BJP, which used to call it self, and still does, somewhat, a saffron party, agrees that pakistan was the source of the terror in India.

yes, there have been cases where Indian muslims have been involved. they say that they did this to avenge the wrongs the hindu’s did to them, and the hindu’s say that they did something else to avenge the wrongs muslim’s did to them.

hello, ppl!! why don’t you just forget the old enmity and try and start from the beginning?

Yes there are some Indian Muslims behind Islamic Terror in India.Hindustan is ruled by Muslims(Congress & Co. Govt.),Hindus are helpless in Hindustan!

lots of the Indian Muslims however they are not frank, they individually savour the terrorism activities via the Jihads. right now’s Muslim teen feels ‘that is not any longer my united states of america, my united states of america is Pakistan’. i’m residing in an earthly place with equivalent inhabitants of Hindus, Muslims & Christians. I even have lot of muslim pals whilst i grow to be in college. yet my son has no longer. Muslim toddlers are taught to tell apart different religions from them and shop faraway from them. in reality they’re brainwashed to hate India and hindus at the instant christians !

Yes, I think Indian Muslims are going to be the ones responsible for the future terrorist attack in Canada. There are far too many Indians here, so it will be fairly easy for them to, say, fly an airliner into First Canadian Place.

Where ever,in any country, that you have Muslims you will have strife, terrorism and murder if that country is not controlled by Muslims. Their basic belief /credo is to KILL all who are not Muslims, what is it about that which people just do not get. There is NO friendly or peaceful Muslim where any None-Muslim is concerned. Wake Up! Deal with REALITY!

yes indian muslims were involved.dawood is also indian his family and property are in mumbai.two other guys from azamgarh were rounded up. even a layman would understand the fact that if terrorists enter a country then some insiders would be obviously needed for aiding it.people like ashis who were enjoying hindus being labelled as terrorists cannot digest the fact that indian muslims ,their madrasas and organisations are involved in terror activities in india.pseudo secularists do not think that if you lick the feet of muslims they will spare you.first they will kill hindus and then discard the pseudos maybe by gauging their eyes out,jihadis excel in perverted torture,they raped the jewish women and then shot them in their private parts. shame on pseudos

Yes, without Indian muslims cooperation & support, Pakistani terrorists cannot operate.

I don’t think it’s all Muslims…I believe that it’s the Sunni fundamentalist extremists in both countries (and in all countries in the middle east), that are causing the problems based on what they believe.

In the Mumbai incidents though, those terrorists were clearly from Pakistan.

its not the question of whether the terrorrists are indians or pakistanis…the fact remains that in pakistan there r trainning camps for terrorists, who target innocent people, infiltrate their minds with fanatical thoughts and worng interpretations of islam…whether innocent lives are lost in india or pakistan, the loss is always of innocenet lives……and considering the recent developments all evidences point to pakistan,the evidences may b made up but there r innumerable evidemces against pakistan and they will have to pay for it….

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