Do you feed your dog, “Kibbles & Menstrual Bits”?

yes and I wipe there mouths with Kotex. Keeps them cleaner and more absorbent.

I feed my dog BirkDale PetMix. It is an all natural healthy way to feed your dog. All you do is combine 5 lbs of ground turkey and 1 gallon of water in a large pot and heat until brown (Do not boil). Then when brown add the 2lb bag of PetMix!

It makes about 16 lbs of dog food. Keep some in the fridge and put the rest in separate containers in the freezer. This way it keeps the best.

I found it on:

I stopped feeding my dog after she gave me a golden shower.

What in the world is that, never heard of it,

heard of kibbles and bits but not that

LOL I am laughing so hard I’m crying. What exactly does it do for the dog? on second thought don’t tell me

She tries, but I save those for my Boyfriend’s hot dog.

No, I keep it and eat them myself no matter how much my dog begs.

Delicious stuff.

only a few days a month usually.


Yeah, my imaginary Pollywollydoodle loves it!

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