Do you get along better with Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius?

Aquarius first
Gemini 50-50 or better

Libra is like 40-60 usually…

where 40 is the good bit

1. Libra
2. Gemini
3. Aquarius

I agree that Aquarius and Libra is best for long term stability, however I consider Gemini and Libra are extra suitable on each side. That means Gemini is just right for Libra and viceversa. As an Aquarius I cannot fairly see the change between Gemini and Libra, except that Gemini is more active than Libra (just a little lazier). I in finding Libra extra exciting when they talk, with Gemini they are intriguing at the beginning, then they get boring. However I also observed myself arguing with Libra, but on no account argued with Geminis, I relatively don’t know how it works. I suppose Geminis decide on Libras over Aquarius and many others.

Well I used to be extremely close to an Aquarius. I can’t say the same for Libra and Gemini but I’ve gotten along with the ones I know so far.

Gemini and Aquarius, and libra is a hit or miss for me.
My boyfriend of 3 years is a gemini with a gemini moon (we shouldn’t work out I know but our relationship is amazing so far) and I’ve had many gemini male friends throughout my life, and I get along with almost every Aquarius I meet. I find libras to be too two faced, although a few I’ve met have been great friends. I get along with air signs very well

Aquarius, by far. I have more Aqua friends than any other sign!
I can go 50-50 with Geminis; it truly depends on the moon sign for them.
I like Libra guys, but I can’t STAND Libra girls! I’ve never gotten along with a single one.

Have a nice day!

Libra,Gemini then Aquarius

I honestly don’t get along with neither with me being a Scorpio, but I would have to say it would probably be Aquarius and Gemini better. Since my ex was a Aqua and my brother is and Gem.

Gemini first. I’ve had alot of girlfriends who are Geminis
Libra & Aqua is tied for 2nd. Never had a close gf of either sign, but many acquaintances.


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