Do you think anyone in the WWE right now has a “Creative Control Clause” + BQ’s?

If you don’t know what it means it’s basically something where you can reject the outcome of the match if you don’t like it, and then Creative reverse the outcome and make you the winner. Hogan was a good example of that. But don’t you think with the backstage politics going on that anyone in the…

Other than Triple H, because its fairly obvious that he has not just creative control but total control since he is a part of the family, but 2 guys who i think have creative control in WWE would be John Cena, considering he is the poster boy for the WWE, he makes them the most money and he does a lot for the WWE, im sure they would let him have control on his storylines and promos ect. The other person would have to be The Undertaker, Taker has been in the WWE for over 20 years so it would only make sense for Taker to have creative control, he definitely has a say in his storylines, and who is he facing at Wrestlemania. Cena and Taker are two guys who i think definitely have creative control. CM Punk might have creative control that could have been one of the benefits in his contract on why he stayed in WWE because he really was suppose to leave, and anther guy who might would be Jericho, since he has been in the WWE for a while now as well, and is a legend in the Business

BQ: Yes, Hogan would still be a major name in the Business, because he help put Wrestling where it is today, now i don’t know if he had creative control in his early days in WWF but i do know that he had creative control in WCW, he said in an interview that he used it once in his whole career, i find that hard to believe considering he was very overrated in WCW. But to answer your question, Yes Hogan would be a big name because he was already a proven name in the wrestling world.

BQ2: This is a hard question, because both TNA and WWE can put on some great matches, TNA gives there wrestlers more time to have matches, but the WWE has been giving there wrestlers more time to actually wrestle on raw these days, so i would say that it is a tie

BQ3: Hit, Now i don’t know when Rob Van Dam’s TNA contract ends, but if it ends within the next couple months then i do think RVD will WWE bound, he has even said he wants to come back. I think if RVD came would to WWE it would be great, because he can feud with new guys that he hasn’t feuded before with, guys like CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, i think RVD is still in great shape and can put on some great matches. RVD is also still over and the fans would love to see him back. So to answer your question, i would say RVD is definitely WWE bound and we will be seeing RVD in WWE by the summer and if not the summer sooner rather than later

The obvious choices the first come into minds are Triple H and The Undertaker.

Both of these two men are two of the most powerful men backstage. These two are lockerroom leaders and whenever they say and want something, that stick and happens.

Triple H is because he’s Vince McMahon’s son in a law, so he’s obviously the future owner of WWE. If he wants something, he gets it.

So does The Undertaker. He’s a Legend who is respected by everyone backstage. Nobody can force him to lose, not even Triple H. If you remember at Wrestlemania 17, Triple H wanted to end The Undertaker’s WM Streak, but The Undertaker said no and you see the results. I know that time Triple H hasn’t married Stephanie McMahon, but even if it happens again, not even Triple H or Vince McMahon can force The Undertaker to lose out of respect. And that time, Triple H was already close to Stephanie, yet he can’t force Taker to lose to him. What The Undertaker wants he gets. He’s too much respected for anyone.

Other than these two, I’m also sure John Cena and Randy Orton had “creative controls” as well. They make a lot of money for WWE in the past 10 years and I’m sure WWE awards them with this.

BQ : Yes, because he’s the one who put Pro Wrestling into map and make it Sports Entertainment. It was after he did that, his ego became so big and starts using creative controls. If he never uses it, Hogan would never be World Champion as much and would lose more often. But, he will still be a big name.

BQ2 : For just wrestling matches, TNA is. TNA has a lot of great wrestlers such as Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and great highflyers.

BQ3 : Miss. I don’t think RVD will ever return to WWE. He has stated in the past that he hated working for Vince McMahon.

No. Vince rules with an iron fist; he’s not going to give anybody “creative control” over storylines and match outcomes, in a contract that would stand up in Court. Out of respect for their stature in the business (i.e. drawing power that makes Vince a lot of money) he does let the big stars have a say in how they are used. Hogan was no different in the WWF of the 80’s. He gave Hogan a lot of say-so but Vince called the shots. The “unbeatable superman” was as much Vince’s idea as it was Hogan’s.

Hogan (and Kevin Nash) conned a very inexperienced Eric Bischoff into those contracts with WCW that pretty much gave them carte blanche to do anything they wanted. Vince would have never given Hogan and Nash the contracts WCW (Bischoff) did.

BQ: Yeah. His legend was secured in the 80’s. After “passing the torch” to the Warrior, Hogan could pretty much write his own ticket in the wrestling business…and did.

BQ2: TNA. More variety in wrestling styles, and MUCH more freedom in the ring to do what they want.

BQ3: RVD hasn’t been used much by TNA the past several weeks. Another run in the WWE this year seems like a safe bet.

The way I see it, I think it might be John Cena. Remember you said you can also reject the outcome of the match, therefore I take it that if you want to lose, they will let you. Cena did lose a few matches at times where it looked he should’ve won, such as last years’ Wrestlemania. This might show that he has some control over it, considering he’s a veteran in the business.

Another one I might add in will be Triple H, I know, he’s got that ego of his. I’m pretty sure being the son-in-law of Mr. McMahon has its privileges.

BQ: Yes, I think he would, I mean sure he would try to win matches, but I bet losing some matches doesn’t hurt, in fact to me wrestlers who lose are sometimes better than the ones who canstantly win. Its ‘how’ you contribute in the business, win/loss always happens.

BQ2: Hands down TNA, you can tell just by looking that they work hard for the matches. Every one of TNA PPVs, no matter how choppy it was, always entertained me through its wrestling matches. I have to side with TNA on this one, no competition.

BQ3: Hard question and this is why: Considering that fact that RVD TOO has a Wrestlemania Streak, WWE might bring him back, now I’m trying to put alot of emphasis on “might” because my heart tell me RVD won’t just return out of the blue. But we can only guess. If he did, he should’ve returned at Royal Rumble. RVD would be a good maineventer after Undertaker retires, they might go and try to break RVD’s streak. So for now, its a miss.

Triple H. Other than him I doubt anyone has total creative control.

BQ – Yup.
BQ2 – If we’re talking just pure wrestling, TNA is miles ahead of WWE in my opinion. I’m not saying TNA is perfect, but they don’t chain down their wrestlers as much as WWE does. WWE limits a lot of their wrestlers to a few basic moves, and almost every match seems to follow the same tedious formula.
BQ3 – Miss. I don’t see a point in WWE bringing him back.

If it is anyone, it would have to be CM Punk or Jericho, because they are always in some pretty wicked storylines.
BQ: Yes, he is what made wrestling back in the early 80’s
BQ2: Can’t really answer that one, don’t ever watch TNA anymore, just check out the spoilers.
BQ3: I say RVD returns a few weeks after ‘Mania, and goes into a fued with Rhodes.

I just answer the BQ because the rest has been covered.

Hogan would have been just as big without creative control if not bigger, he vetoed perfectly good/potentially great angles to protect his reputation. If he put people over more their would have been more stars to go up against meaning more PPV buys and more fans for him. Clearly losing ALL THE TIME would have damaged him but losing a little bit more often to elevate others can only have helped the business and therefore himself.

John and Randy orton lose to young talent.
BQ maybe somebody else might take his place.
BQ2 tna because their matches are longer than wwe. All their divisions had improve. I see it they had some real matches.
BQ3 It will hit because he is great wrestler. The people always love this man

I’d say Triple H(duh) and Randy Orton. These two are the guys who are famous for burying people and keeping themselves on top. I wouldn’t say Cena because he looks like a good guy and I don’t think he says selfish enough to keep himself on top. I think Vince does that not Cena

BQ Yes, he’d still be a star. His WCW days wouldn’t be as memorable though


BQ3 Hit

Chris Jericho and The Undertaker, maybe HHH.
BQ: Definitely not
BQ: TNA does more often, but the best matches always are in WWE.
BQ3: Yes, his contract is up soon. Hes not resting any injuries, he’ll be back as soon as he can.

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