Fans of baseball teams,what would you do if your team won the world series?(bq inside)?

I would personally stay up all-night rewinding back and forth at the last play they did to win they i would start jumping around and going crazzy 😀

BQ-how many world series reigns does your team currently have?

BQ II-when was the last time they won a world series?

I would go crazy! I would scream call all my friends, and probably throw a party a few days later. I would also go to the parade :]

BQ: 2.
BQ II: 1991.

I went crazy. It is a great feeling.

2 World Series in a short history.. The last time they won the World Series was against the “oh so great” Yankees… And the last world series game ever played in the “house that ruth built” was game 6 of that Series.

I would be happy. That of course is and understatement because i would not contain myself.

BQ-how many world series reigns does your team currently have?

BQ II-when was the last time they won a world series?

BQ III-when was the last time they made it to the world series?
—–1998, Padres were lucky to face the terrible ’98 Yankees (sarcasm)

EDIT: Don’t the Braves have 3?

We currently have 7 got em in 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, and are most recent was 2007.
I WOULD CRY SWEET TEARS OF JOY……..I would watch the last play repeatedly too and the next day i would watch the game over again,take a deep breath and scream out YES WE DID IT………if only..

I was at game 7 of the 2002 world series. I screamed my brains out, it was so awesome! I remember walking back to my dad’s work (we parked there since it was so crowded) and the town of Anaheim was just insane, people were honking people were screaming on the sidewalks… one of the greatest nights of my life, and I was 8 years old =).
Then I went to the parade a few days later.

BQ: 1
BQII: 2002

I would jump for joy and be full of happiness if the Braves won the World Series again.
bq1- 1 world series
bq2- the last time the Braves won one was 1995 they are big time due.
GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!


BQ: The White Sox have won 3 times, and the last time was in 2005.

I would be so happy, I would scream so that everyone could hear me.
I would be the happiest man alive, well I guess my Jays would probably be more happier since they won it, but besides them.

BQ: 2
BQ: 1993, part of the back-to-back 1992/93 reign.

I would be ecstatic! Just because it’s been a while since I got to witness them in the World Series, let alone win one.

BQ1: 26
BQ2: 2000 😮

I would go nuts! and watch it over and over again.

BQ: zero 🙁

BQ: Well they lost in the world series last year against the Phillies 🙁

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