Fellow Catholics, is this correct?

I have asked 2 previous questions regarding Paul and James and I think i found an answer that makes sense? opinions please.Catholics believe that faith and good works are both necessary for salvation, because such is the teaching of Jesus Christ. What Our Lord demands is “faith that worketh by charity .”…

I read most of it. Though I am not Roman Catholic, it seems essentially sound.

One thing I would like to point out, though, is that faith **can be** sufficient. Namely: the classic death-bed confession. Examples: the “good thief” at the crucifixion, Constantine.

I think that there is a chronology here ignored by the Roman Catholic Church, as follows:

1) faith is necessary, the thing which God rewards with grace that is or leads to salvation

2) works and obedience are necessary parts of Christian **living**. Once you have become a true (faithful) Christian, you are supposed to perform works and be obedient as opportunity presents itself. This, in the Roman Catholic terminology, allows the flow of grace to continue and grow. If you die one minute after a sincere conversion, though, you have no opportunity for works OR obedience – but you still have that grace from God, the grace that is eternal salvation.

SO – faith is sufficient, but works and obedience are **following** requirements ONLY IF you have the opportunity to perform such.

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