Former non-believers/Fellow atheists: How can I rid myself of my internalized superstition?

I don’t believe anyone is watching over me from “above”. I lost that “guilty conscious” thought about a year ago when I became an atheist.

But recently, when I went on a website while I was alone in my house, I listened to supposed real voice recordings of ghosts and evil spirits and the…

Being an Atheist does not necessarily mean you have zero belief in the supernatural. It simply means you do not believe in a god or gods.

Personally, I don’t believe in these things, but I was raised to not believe. It’s okay to believe in whatever you want. If you don’t want to believe in them, just tell yourself they are not real, and don’t actively seek them out – don’t listen to the recordings, don’t watch ghost-related programs on TV, etc. But it is okay if you DO want to believe in them. It does not make you “less” of an Atheist.

that’s straight forward to hallucinate after an intensive to-loss of existence journey. The suggestions tries to remember as many reports which you have had so as that it could discover the superb answer so as that the area may well be made achieveable… existence flashes previously one’s eyes. If the suggestions won’t be able to choose what to do after looking previous reports, it then the two shuts down and enables stuff to ensue, or it properly-knownshows the answer in what you have found out (i.e, been instructed to take Penicillin to provide up the TB). that’s obvious that this individual have been instructed while they die, they are going to Hell. So, the suggestions could not detect a answer to provide up it from occurring, so it recreated what might ensue interior the type of a hallucination (those can final seconds or minutes, yet sense lots longer) and that that they had arrived on the tip of Hell. Then, the suggestions searches any imagery or something you have theory approximately Hell, and then places that into the hallucination, so as that the suggestions can call it lower back up if it got here approximately lower back, and as a result, handle the area greater effective.

The superstitious thoughts are only a result of your seeing a scary website. Ignore them and they will go away. Sort of like dreaming of being eaten alive by a shark even though you live in Arizona, but just watched Jaws on tv.

I believe in spirits and I dont believe there are any negative spirits ….
but I would still freak out at scary films , or being alone if there are noises , or recordings of supposed ghosts
thats just natural I think

however , just because one is an atheist , doesnt mean they cant believe in spirits
being an atheist just means you dont believe in any gods

There’s no such thing as the supernatural so being superstitious is also a waste of time, no real atheist believes in ghosts

Just remember that while those recordings may seem like they came from the ‘paranormal’, they are just a merely unexplained phenomenon. Just because something isn’t explained doesn’t mean it is a “Ghost” or “Spirit”. It just means we don’t know what caused it to happen.

100% those recordings we’re done by humans.

someone is watching you from inside .

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