Haunted house , Ghost box, Spiritual protection?

I had some spirits in my house and they would touch me occasionally , i bought a ghost box a year or so ago to communicate and since then i see more activity , my question is what are some things i could use as spiritual protection for my family and home ? i burn a archangel michael candle but am…

rap music is super annoying. it will drive all the spirits away.

candles and sage don’t help.

Genuine Navajo spirit catchers. Apparently the Navajo studied psychic phenomena for quite some time, and somehow created a way to interact with it. I used to think that it was mere foolishness, but found that it actually worked.

stay strong. some spirits can feed off your fear. ignore the weird happenings and try not to think about it as much. it takes a while and a lot of hard work reminding yourself to not take any notice but things will eventually settle down when they dont get any attention, a bit like kids.

good luck

From my experiences from ouija boards i say pray and ask God for protection and cleansing. Also if you no longer want them there just pray for that as well

Your house is not haunted. You can’t communicate with the dead. There’s no need for protection from things that don’t exist.

Girl above is 100 % wrong sry but using a spirit box is stupid it’s supposed to bring in more spirits literally it’s like an invitation to your house idk how to fix it tho sry

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