How did Obama, with so much going for him, have such a bad week so far this week?

First came news that his administration DENIED requests for increased security at the Libyan embassy. Then the that two polls show Romney closing in (newest CNN has it a virtual tie and National Journal now has a 47 to 47 tie). Now comes word that a devastating video will be released tonight in which Obama makes…

Don’t forget Bidens new idiotic blabbering about the last 4 years and the middle class being burried. Lol.

The MSM can’t believe that Obama didn’t start a Keith Olberman rant in the debates. I wish he had, complete with foaming at the mouth. It’s clear from the media reaction that Obama is their product, their president and their failure. The MSM want desperately to be king makers. Hows that working out?

he’s gloriously undesirable. term limits are a b*tch. He did for democrats and could do extra in basic terms an identical way GWB caught a knife interior the republicans. extra effectual days forward simply by 2 sh*tpile examples of management we would desire to go through with the aid of to learn the lesson that we don’t % the two events. interior the tip that is going to likely be properly worth it.

Bad week. its a bad 4 years that Obama and Biden with the help of the DNC inflected on the USA . He is a failure worse than Carter .

Those two could not make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with out messing it up.

Or find away out of a paper sack .

Sounds like a good week for Romney.

Here’s Why ……

Obama NEVER wears a US flag pin.

Obama NEVER says “God Bless the USA”.

Obama NEVER puts his hand over his heart to salute our flag.

Obama is a proven member of the Chicago Muslim Brotherhood

Obama ordered our Marines to stand down & not to have ammo in Libya – 4 DEAD!

Not one single Marine in my unit will vote for him!!!

NObama in 2012!!!

how can one man do so much damage to the country i think it is on purpose

Barack has the media on his side but not even half of Americans support him, pathetic.

yawnnnnn. you fools are are so boring.

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