IS this PROOF of media bias that helped Obama get elected?

In Kentucky thousands of people are without electricity, heat and running water from the massive ice and snow storm they suffered two weeks ago. Many people have died. I do not see the vast media coverage on this, like I did with Hurricane Katrina and specifically the amount of media attention that was given to New…

I agree with you on this one. I had to drive up to central Kentucky where my elderly parents live and they have had no electricity for over a week. The place looked like a war zone with the downed trees & power lines everywhere. They had no heat, no way to cook food, and some had no water. Where was FEMA? Where were the food and water deliveries? Where was Obama while millions of Americans were living in a state that was declared a disaster area? Oh… I forgot. He was doing a photo-op in the Oval Office that he keeps heated to 80+ degrees while telling the rest of us that we need to keep our thermostats turned down in the winter to conserve energy.

Where was the media outrage at the delayed response from the Obama adminsitration? Where was Kanye West screaming about how Obama hates white people? Where were all the liberal pundits talking about how the Obama administration has ignored the needs of poor whites in Kentucky? I’ll tell you where all these people are: right up the crack of their messiah’s @$$!

OF COURSE the governor of Kentucky is going to say Obama is great. Beshear is a Democrat. Kentucky is a Democrat state. They have had only one Republican governor since Louis Nunn in 1972. That scumbag mayor of New Orleans and that moron Governor Blanco were Democrats. OF COURSE they would criticize Bush! Bush bashing is hip and en vogue for liberals. Even now that he is out of office. For the rest of my natural life you stupid freakin libs will be complaining about Bush. You are the most hypocritical bunch of people I have ever had the displeasure of encountering.

Last weeks media bias was such that there were 2 to 1 Republicans to Democrats on the top 5 news channels. It was worse by the way during Bush’s term.

When asked why they were so biased so heavy towards the Republican, the top brass of the big MSM companies always said that it was because the GOP was in power!

They aren’t now and there is still a 2 to 1 bias. Someone has been BSing you and it is probably a right-wing radio host…

google it…Almost all media outlets are owned and operated by GOP members. GE is the biggest owner still I think. Disney a giant GOP company…etc Easy to look up. Some sites have interactive charts that show the relationships between the big MSM companies. Those are fun.

Try to learn a least one thing a day on your computer.

PS One of the things it does prove is that Obama is right about that we need to spend money fixing OUR infrastructure – not just building hundreds of bases around the world.Every time we have bad weather we have a giant power outage. Our grid is old. Our city pipes are old.

It is because the GOP for thirty years votes NO on fixing stuff. But they are happy to “fix” stuff in Iraq where we can’t check up to see if they are really doing it. Troops who are coming home testify that work is not being completed per contracts that are double or triple the usual amount paid.

PSS Obama will get around to firing all of the incompetent Bush appointees as soon as the Heads of each Dept are sworn in. In the Clinton years there were career professionals in FEMA and most agencies. Obama will eventually restore these tattered gov agencies like FEMA, the FDA, NASA, EPA etc All have had incompetents running them and these people need to be fired!

It has already been proved that the media is biased.
Most of the news people are liberals, and Obama is their hero. You just cant expect them to treat Obama exactly the same way as a president who was a conservative republican.
We can assume that the most we can expect from the federal government, is that the job they are now doing is not as bad as when Bush was in charge.
My guess is that they will do fewer stories on the economy and the war, and find something positive to cover.

No I don’t believe media bias is evident in this case. There is a huge difference between hurricane Katrina and an unfortunate ice storm that has left thousands without power. I live in St Louis and 3 years ago we were without electricity and running water for over a week during a heat wave that reached heat indexes of 115 degrees. I wasn’t waiting for FEMA to come and rescue my family, we did what we had to do to survive. People have survived for thousands of years without electricity and running water, I don’t think that qualifies as a national emergency. It is an unfortunate situation though, maybe we should be holding the utility companies accountable. It is their problem. I know that a couple of months after our power was restored, St. Louis electric rates increased by as much as 100%. I think it’s ironic that in one breath the utility companies are screaming for deregulation, and in instances like this are begging for federal assistance…..

It does raise a legitimate question: Why is this disaster in Kentucky not held up as Obama’s responsibility for not getting FEMA in faster, whereas Katrina/New Orleans was held up as Bush’s personal responsibility ?

Because a majority in Kentucky are white, while a majority in New Orleans are black.

The news media does its level best to exploit and fan the flames of racism.
Although I’m sure partisan media favoritism for Obama over Bush factors into how these two events were covered.

The first article I read this morning talked about how slow the response was on the money and how they need help faster. That one disappeared and this one popped up. Better press for the O man in this one I guess.

The other thing is that they are dealing with people who know how to take care of themselves without the government’s hand being involved. Not like Katrina where you have a group that has depended on the Guberment der hole lives if you know what I mean.

The racist people of Kentucky deserve exactly what they are getting, NOTHING. They turned their backs on Obama on Nov. 4th, so now Obama is turning his back on them.

As for the media, I say THANK YOU. They are patriots for their work in this last election and I’m sure they’ll do their part during the 8 years of Obama’s presidency.

Ok – first of all there is plenty of press about the situation in Kentucky.
Second – the Governor of Kentucky has declared that Obama’s response to Kentucky’s problems has been excellent.
So it would seem your “proof”of a pro Obama bias is a failure to compare Obama’s excellence with Bush’s pure incompetence???

First of all it has been on the news – on all major stations.
Second of all this disaster is no where near the scope or number of deaths (thousands!!!) during Hurricane Katrina, when Bush did absolutely nothing.
There are bad storms every year, and every year people die from them and have major power outages (like last year!). You are just pretending this one is somehow special because a Democrat is in office.

Oprah and all the movie stars she sent over to the blacks crawling out of New Orleans free housing you mean?
It was amazing to see their tears on screen as they watched the thousands of blacks that were living in free housing now having to live in apartments and new trailers made for them by the government and still not pay a dime for them.
Eh? Appalachians? where is that Oprah (Hussein’s springboard) asks.

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