Letting your kids play violent video games?

Do you let your kids play video games like “grand theft auto”? i am just curios what other parents do, i do not do anything about it yet my kids are only 1 and not born yet! do you have a certain age they can play these games or doy uo just not let them period? or are they allowed to?

No one has a perfect answer for this.I have 2 kids the best way for me to handle this situation is not to openly expose them to these things but also not restrict them either. Example, I was at my moms house and my brother turned on South Park with my 5 year old in the room, my mom had a cow that he did that. I told her it was ok that my daughter has seen it before, she then had another cow. See its not my first choice for her to watch that but when she is exposed I turn it into a lesson. Like how Cartman is not going to get many Christmas presents from Santa if he says all those bad words. And she really gets it. Now if she hears a bad word she acknowledges it and says that it is bad. You can’t shelter your kids, they will be exposed to many bad things one way or another so just teach them right from wrong and how to handle situations when they come along. You can’t always be there to shelter them but lessons they learn can be.

I’m not against video games and in a way I do see how it can help children. I think video games should definitely be played only in moderation and balanced out with playtime and physical activity. As for violent video games.. like Grand Theft Auto and the like.. I won’t let me kids play THOSE kinds of games until they are probably about 16. There is a reason games like that are rated mature. Any decent parent wouldn’t let their children play a game like Grand Theft Auto at 7 or 8 years old. So there is an age for everything. I would just follow the raiting system already created for the games.

It depends how mature they are and how you raise them. My parents raised me to believe that violence in the real world was wrong and cruel. They were quite politically minded so I was always conscious of how terrible things like war and violence against women and helpless victims was. My Mum in particular would always be disgusted at any kind of violence and would sometimes ask me why I enjoyed playing video games where people died, etc. Even if it was in a cartoonish way. Therefore until I was about 16 I wasn’t interested in playing videogames with graphic violence because it made me a bit ill. Even now, although GTA is a lot of fun, I still get disturbed by some parts.

I did start playing video games quite young though, about 7 or 8, and I can understand your concern because when I was a kid the game Load Runner (where you get eaten by cannibalistic monks) was the most violent thing I played and that was cartoon 2D. But If you keep an eye on what your kids play then you can make sure it’s nothing over their age range, but if you raise them to have a healthy level of respect for humanity and the world around them then you’ll find they won’t want to play those kinds of games. Even if they do, it won’t be because they think murdering people is fun but because the game itself is entertaining. I like shoot ’em ups as much as the next person, but I think it’s more about the satisfaction of winning and power, plus the fact that you would never, ever do anything like that in real life.

Also-limiting the amount of time they actually spend playing the game and getting them interested in active things by being active yourself is a much better way of making sure they never get addicted enough for the games to actually cause them harm.

I’d say that kids should be able to start playing violent video games around maybe 13 or 14, depending on maturity. I mean, I’m not saying you have to present the game to them, but if they express an interest, i dont think you should repress it.

My reasoning is, that no one knows for certain if violent video games make children violent. Yes, there are correlations in some instances, that show that children who watch violent TV shows and video games are more violent…. but correlation does not equal causation. Are children violent because they play the games, or do they like the games because they are innately violent?? That’s what you have to ask yourself.

Just use good parenting, teach right from wrong, and to hell with the rest! Thats really all you can do without being a prison gaurd. They will be exposed to violence at some point, so don’t put a taboo on it- just explain that violence in real life is unacceptable.

My daughters are 10 and 12 and I don’t permit them to play violent video or computer games. There are way too many age appropriate games out there to have to resort to ones that are inappropriate. They’re aware of such games, but really haven’t shown any interest in them. I use the same general rule with this as I do with movies. If it’s rated R, forget it. If it’s rated PG-13, maybe… after I’ve watched it first. Rated PG and below are okay. I use the same logic with video game ratings.

If parents teach their kids the difference between reality and what’s on TV/movies/music/games, then the kids should be fine. I started playing GTA when I was 11, and I do not commit dangerous crimes or get into fights. How the child is raised by his/her parents will impact them more than some game.

My son isn’t born yet… I enjoy this game but it is SO BAD. I can’t imagine letting a kid play it. My fiance played it in front of his 8 and 3 year old and I was astounded… but I couldn’t say much because they aren’t my children. I would say until they are mature enough to know the real difference between games and reality… like 16… if it is even possible. Even if you keep them from playing at home they can just go to a friend’s house whose parents don’t care. It’s sad.

It depends entirely on the game and the kid.

GTA4 is not that bad to me, although it has depictions of crimes, it is very obviously not real.
They know the difference between right and wrong, and between real and imaginary.

Call of Duty 4 is worse to me, specifically because it is meant to be reality.
The graphics are great, and very realistic.

Those kinds of games will be kept for later.

We don’t ‘ban’ anything in our house, just that some things aren’t okay until she’s older.

We both play those types of games, because they are fun. It would be extremely bad parenting to forbid her to do something that we do.

It depends on the kid and the game.

yes i allow my 15 year old son to lay these games and he is well aware of fact from fiction. i don’t believe in censorship to an extent to pornography . But i believe there has to be guardianship in the home.unlike the media saying that these games wil have a effect on the children i believe its the parents job to oversee what effects anything will have on there children not just video games movies and music.you can raise well grounded children no matter what the view as long as you keep the lines of communication open with your children.

NONE of the GTA ‘Games” do I allow my 14 year old son to play…I see no reason for it…they are not only Violent…they are Degrading, Repulsive, Amoral, Immoral and Downright Senseless…He doesn’t miss them. My 2 teen Girls have Absolutely No Interest in Video Games…& neither do I..they are a HUGE waste of time. But then again that is why he (my boy) is a 2X MVP in Football and a 2X MVP in Wrestling as well as a 3X Invitational Wrestling Champion…He finds BETTER ways of spending his time…

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