HI. I bought my son an Ipod Touch for Christmas (the 32MB one that is supposed to be able to do “everything”)-and I am just looking for some feedback from users who can tell me all of the many things he can do with it and some of the “easier ways” to put “stuff” on his ipod touch. …

I hope you realize that very, very few people with helpful answers are going to read all of that. You can’t SYNC with WMP. You’ll need to download and install iTunes. There is a LOT of free stuff there including music, video, audio-books and many, many free apps. However, buying an iPod no more entitles one to free content than does the TV in your home entitle you to free cable. Downloading copyrighted content from shareware is illegal and extremely unsafe. It will take out your computer, his iPod will spread viruses and other malicious software and you can be sued for millions of dollars. The people here who will tell you otherwise do not care about you, are flat-out lying, incredibly ignorant and maybe, just maybe they’ve been lucky, so far. If you want to take the chance, that’s entirely up to you and good luck with that.

Download the user guide from Apple.com/support/iPod and learn more in iTunes Help, FAQs, Tutorials and their user forum.

1. you don’t need to download from the apple store just download it and open itunes and click file on the top left and add file to library. 2 he goes to app store on ipod touch and scrolls down to redeem to to put money on the ipod 3. you need to copy the data on the movie disc then use a video converter to change it to mpg4 format then add it to the library and i dont know about pc memory 4. he can go to myspace and facebook and other things like if it was a computer,but sometimes if you dont want to look at the page like if it was a cellphone you go to the bottom and put full site have a happy new year

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