Name of this 80’s or early 90’s movie?

Well, its a bit old. Its a movie about a earth troll or something. I remember the opening sequence in which he is digging underground. Later in the movie he comes above only to be captured in a cage. This specific part i remember quite well. He gets the guy to fall asleep by yawning and pretending to be drowsy….

It’s Not Troll of course nor can it be Leprechaun. Hmm, i have seen this movie too i believe. The troll like creature is a good guy (with a bit of an attitude). I think it all revolved around him and a diamond he found while digging underground. The creature wasn’t a man in a suite either, It was a puppet with animatronic eyes and such to do the facial expressions. What i remember is another part where they try to take a blood sample at the doctors office and the needle bends against his tough skin lol. Really was a pretty funny kids movie. Shame i cant remember the name though. Maybe later i will be able to recall it. Good luck.

Hmmm, that sounds a bit like Leprechaun.
In his movies, the irish troll (Leprechaun) wears a black suit and a top hat. I don’t know to which part your description refers.

that’s a action picture called “THE STUFF” from 1985. right here is the synopsis: a clean ice cream-like product turns into immensely time-honored, taking the entire u . s . by typhoon. looking their livelihood threatened, a set of ice cream moguls hire an business saboteur to locate the creamy sensation’s ultrasecret formulation. Teamed with a fallen cookie entrepreneur, he learns that, notwithstanding it does not have any energy, the stuff possesses one quite undesirable part-result; it turns human beings into murderous zombies. With time determining, the two might desire to wrest the worldwide from the grip of this deadly satisfaction. severe camp humor is employed to the severe in this schlock classic from sort guru Cohen.

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