Obama has signed over $5 trillion in tax cuts into law how much did Reagan sign into law?

Obama has signed bills containing over $1.1 trillion into law
$801 billion package of tax cuts in “the tax relief unemployment insurance re-authorization and job creation act of 2010.”
$288 billion in tax breaks to individuals and businesses in the stimulus bill.
$12 billion in tax cuts in the small-business…

I’m not sure how many tax cuts – But I know Reagan RAISED taxes 12 times.

In addition, the Debt Ceiling was raised nearly every year of Reagan’s administration.

Of course, FOX-BOTs laugh at these facts – which is a measure of their hatred not only of FACTS, but of America – having chosen to transfer their allegiance to FOX – and Rupert Murdoch, the foreigner.


God how I love Lib math!

How can you take credit for a tax cut that already happened? Bush cut taxes but you want to give Obama the credit? Nice try.

Yet you don’t seem to want to give Obama credit for all of the other tax increase? Payroll tax? Obamacare Tax?

The Reagan tax cuts worked. Revenues increased because the cuts let business create jobs and boost the economy. Democrats (who controlled Congress) was the ones spending like crazy, remember? Congress must pay their bills…..remember what Obama said? So Congress increased the debt ceiling, not Reagan! They had to pay the bills they ordered Reagan to run up?

You need to listen to Obama……he’s trying to ‘plain all this stuff to you guys.

Obama’s stimulus tax cuts went to human beings making much less then 250,000 Reagan’s tax cuts went generally to the wealthy. The “gross revenues independent” Tax Reform Act of 1986 slashed the bright tax cost all the way down to twenty-eight % (even nonetheless the top middle type cost stayed at 35 %) and extra undesirable human beings have been placed on the tax roles.

Cutting spending is not “cutting taxes.”

Taxes are only going up. Look at your last paycheck: it is smaller.

REALLY, so how are we going to pay for it wise guy! If one trillion dollars is greater than our GDP were the hell are we going to get five trillion from, but leave it to you guys to slaughter math!

back then $1 US dollar got you a chick from Mexico to do whatever you wanted to.

In reality, all working folks checks got smaller this month! How does that grab you?


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