Parents: what do you call your partner?

My parents call each other “Mother” and “Father”. If my dad calls my mum by her real name, she’ll say “Don’t call me that in front of the kids!” (By the way I’m almost 17…)
… No. Sadly, I am not joking.

Does anyone else do this or know people who do this?

my mum and dad call each other by their names, but my partners parents always call each other mum or dad

They call each other by their actual names. My parents aren’t formal or anything. I call my parents mom and dad (or something close), but the kids my mom takes care of just call her Alison. I guess Ms/Mr shows that you respect whoever you’re talking to, but I don’t think it’s usually necessary. 🙂

Yeah…haha. They sometimes use Mum and dad. They use their real names too.

Call him by his name of course

When they’re mad at each other they become “Your Mother and Your Father.”
But usually it’s just Stephanie and Ezra.

A drain on my wallet.

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