PLEASE could help my life..only 14…mom hitting me..essay for class…HELP?

What do you think of my essay for english

and my sitation

Shock barely had time to fill my features before the way too familiar hand struck my face yet again. I fell noisily to the floor as my hands caressed my face. Tears of pain fell one by one from my eyes. I felt betrayed, unloved ……by my own…

The paper is so good. It is well written and I can definitely relate to parts of it. It really speaks to me.

As for your situation, you need to get help. I know that it is scary, but it really will only get worse. Try talking to a trusted adult about it and they can help. It will not stop on its own. You cannot continue to allow your mother to abuse you.

There is absolutely no excuse for her to be treating you that way. She may have psychological problems of her own, but abuse is abuse. You don’t slap someone in the face to discipline them. Treat them humanely! It’s your own child, your own flesh and blood, for God’s sake.

I would say report her immediately, but I know how that situation can be. I’ve been out of that situation for only a few years and still never told anyone about it until recently. I’d assumed that since I realized the whole situation and could think about it in a reasonable way, that I would be okay with it and be able to handle it… but no. It doesn’t matter how much somebody else may have it worse, abuse (especially parental) will scar you and when you least expect it, psychological issues will arise. I thought I would just be depressed for a while and it would fade with time, but even though I’ve escaped that situation now, I’ve been left with the remnants that have evolved into much worse, and that’s something that medication can’t fix.

Your mother may love you, though how she can treat you that way and love you at the same time- I don’t know- I didn’t understand it with my mother either. If she has personal problems, she should deal with them like a mature adult, not by beating her own child. If you doubt your love for your mother, don’t feel bad about it. Someone like that doesn’t deserve their own child’s love when they can’t show it back in return. I always felt obligated to love my mother, in spite of her issues and the way she was (like yours), but eventually you’ve got to let it go because it’s only going to hurt you worse.. the guilt and the sympathy you’ll feel. And someone like that doesn’t need it. Any of it.

Seek help, whether it’s with a therapist, getting out of the situation, or even just finding someone to confide in. I know this is a Q&A board and whatnot, but feel free to message me if you need anything because I hate knowing that someone else is having to deal with this same situation. I’ll help you out in any way that I can.

Good luck.

1. The abuser always try to make up(they apologise,get gifts,show great empathy…)
2. Abusers will make You feel it is your fault-they will blame you for everything including the fact they have to hit you.
3. It will not stop! You need to seek out a family memeber or tell the school counselor…Period!
4. If she drinks or uses drugs it will only get worse-it magnifies the issues and they can say”oh I didn’t know I broke your eye socket-I was drunk)….Lies
5. If you don’t leave it will get worse as you get older becasue you won’t address it. Some abusers gain self esteem by beating another person down.The more you allow it the more they need to feel powerful by beating you down-you make the issue worse by prolonging it-
6. How will you explain when the hits become punches,hair falls out, huge bruises,weight loss from stress of this messy situation? You can’t hide it for long,she will get angrier as time passes and her blows will become harder….
7. Call 911 or grandma,uncle, aunt and leave until they can get her some help.A family member can take Temperary custody,until she gets it together.Don’t fall for the guilt trip she will give you-They lie about getting better and make promises they can’t keep until they get help for several months-not weeks…months…several…did you hear several? I have this feeling you are gonna take the role of the parent and try to solve this yourself-which kids try to do.They(kids) stop when they get broken bones and are unable to continue at school without people knowing.Don’t take responsibilty for an adult problem-it is her problem…you must take the task to save yourself and by doing that you will save her-big task for a child but one you must take for your sake…..Oh-she is beating you..your in denial and it doesn’t matter when she is matters when she is mean and hitting-no exscuses for her, she is an adult…

i know youve heard this before but after reading your essay/situation entry i really think you should tell a trusted adult about your stiuation at home. only becuse i am concerned for your emotional and mental health. if you are having flashes of your mom hitting you when she isnt, that could be a sign of trauma. im no expert but if you report your mom nothing bad will happen, they will just ask some questions and watch over you to see if your living conditions improve. like i said im no expert but i really do suggest that you let someone know, even if you think its not that bad, over time, if you let it continue it may get severely worse. you or anyone shouldnt have to take any kind of abuse. i wish you luck and hope your situation improves.

I didnt read every answer previous to this one, so im not sure of what has already said and what hasnt. I can definatly relate to you.
Im now 21 years old, and out on my own. When i was younger, mainly in middle school and high school my mother would as well hit me and slap me and pull my hair and such, over stupid matters, i cant think of any particular reason, but i knew it wasnt right.. .but then again, i thought, well i guess i desereved to have this bruise. now it really wasnt that often when i was young, but as i became a junior and senior in high school it occured more often, and more fierse. i remember one particular fight. it was something about my boyfriend at that time, and mom and i were in the kitchen and she slapped me, so i slapped her back, then she hit me, i hit her back, i dont know what else happened, but i know that there was pulling hair and kicking involved. that was the last main fight that i recall. i dont know why she always hit me, but i think that she may have been jealous of me, not sure why… but could be a possibility, could have been because i was about to leave for college, and she was making sure i was in my place, i really dont know. But it didnt go just as far as the skin and the bruising and the redmarks and the fighting, it went deeper, she also would hurt me emotionaly and mentally, i guess, to some extent, always putting me down, telling me that i was never able to do anything, constantly telling me (she still does) tell me that i wont be successful in my career and that ill never have a good life. .. I have a younger brother, that is still living at home (this is his senior yr in high school) but seems like she is much more physically hurt and more emotionally torn up than what i ever was. i’ve tried talking to her about that she needs help. from my experience now, that i’ve been out of the house for basically 3 years and have had 2 college classes on psycology, i know that she needs help, whether its bi polar or something, i dont knw, but she needs help. she doesnt listen to me, and when i tell her, she says that its for this reason or that,and blames it on other people… im rambling waay too much…
‘so, all i suggest as far as you and your mom, definatlly try and talk to a family member, and see what they think , espessially like maybe your moms mother, or dad or o ne of her siblings, or someone thats just close to her, and that can see sort of her personality. and you need to get her into a psychiatrist, to see why shes doing this, and you need to go because its going to leave scarring, as far as mentally and emotionally. …. and you cant repress those feelings…
i realy hope this helps, im sorry that my story was so long, im just trying to relate to you. Good luck hope it works out!!

where is your father in all of this? do you have ANY family that, if cant help, but can support you. are you the only one that knows that she does this to you. i mean, this is ridiculous. youre a minor. YOU HAVE RIGHTS. if you CANT go to your dad or older sibling, brother, sister, cant you go to a school counselor? but if you do go to a superior like that you can rest assured you will be put in some kind of home or foster care. there is no place for abuse. you need to be removed from that environment, you understand, dont you?

i feel so bad. i wish i could help more. please feel free to email if you just need to talk to someone.

hey…first im sorry you have to go through this. second, i know it would be hard but i think you should report her. here are some things to help you: 1-800-4-A-CHILD toll-free number

kk so i hope this helps and also never EVER think that this is your fault.

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