Should I buy this Siberian Husky Puppy?

I put a deposit on a four week old black and white, male, Siberian Husky puppy. He is the runt of the litter and was very timid when I held him. He also had some fur missing from his tail, but the breeder said it was from the other puppies nipping and biting it. The breeder said the mother dog is an Alaskan…

Well, the reason the other puppies were bigger, is cause your pup is the runt. And being the runt of the litter, the puppy is bullied my the others, has a harder time nursing, so of course he will be quite timid. If this is a breeder, they really shouldn`t of bred an Alaskan husky with a Siberian. You should find a breeder where both parents are the same, and are registered.

The fur on the tail should grow back if there are no puppies biting it.

Do not get this puppy.
If it’s timid at that age, you are very likely to have behavioral issues as it grows (yes, even with training). A good breeder either wouldn’t sell it, or would only sell to someone with a lot of dog experience. The tail thing is also suspicious. It could be the other puppies, but it could also be any number of health issues. Last but not least, the price for a mixed breed puppy shouldn’t be $450. I’d say $300 maximum if both parents have breed-specific health exams (hips and eyes for huskies) and pass. If you really want a puppy, look elsewhere- either a shelter, or a more reputable breeder.

Alaskan huskies are mongrel sled dogs bred specifically for working. It is also a term applied by backyard breeders to make their husky mix that was not bred from working stock sound like he actually has a working drive and up the price of the pups.

Unless this dog is bred for competition, don’t pay more than $200, and it better come with shots, deworming, and microchip.

This is a backyard breeder. A sled dog breeder would not sell a working pup to somebody looking for a pet unless it was already determined the pup would likely not make the cut for serious work. And then, they’d probably sell the pup much cheaper.

I wouldn’t worry about your puppy. After all… its just a puppy. When he grows up and starts living by himself, away from the other puppies, his fur should grow back. You should be lucky to get a runt puppy, as your that one person that would be giving him a good home whereas other people would pick out the healthier looking ones and he would be the last to get picked, if ever. ):

He may be small now, but he is most likely going to grow up to be a big, healthy husky as long as you care for him properly. Since hes living in Texas, all of the huskies may not have as thick fur as you might have pictured. Huskies that live in the South tend to have thinner fur than those up North because of the climate. If you do live up North though, I wouldn’t worry. Huskies will thicken their fur when it gets cold.

If you really are worried about it though, take the puppy to a vet right away to get things checked out. Its possible that there could be a bad flea problem or ticks and that might explain the balding. If the vet says that something is in fact wrong with the puppy, then you have two choices; bring the puppy back and get a refund (all though this is a little mean to the puppy for not even giving it a chance…) or you can decide to keep it and do what it takes to cure it of its problem.

Ive had a cat with a litter, and I decided to keep the runt. He grew up and turned out to be a fine healthy cat. There is nothing wrong with runts most of the time unless they were actually born premature (but you would know that right away). The only difference is that runts are the smallest of the litter and tend to get picked on the most because of it, but nothing usually ends up being wrong with it.

Hope you make the right decision!

If you have children i would advise not to because they are territorial. But it also depends on the training.. Good luck!! And ye that does sound sketchy i would do a little more research because that is not a fish that you have for a little while and it dies. they live 10-15 years. If it it unhealthy it will cause many bills and vet trips and waste 450.00. If you really want one, do more research and find a good breeder. If you are really looking to get this one ask the breeder for past recommendations. Do a lot of research before you jump into something big. Hope this helps! Like i said, Good luck!!!

Why don’t you look into a Husky rescue? It would be great to adopt one that needs a home as opposed to buying from a breeder (especially if the breeder is a little sketchy anyway:-).

We have a wonderful full-bred Husky we adopted from our local shelter. She’s beautiful.

When I bought my puppy he was the smallest and the most timid one, he grew just fine and was even more trainable than if I would have gotten one of the playfull ones. That is not what wories me, what worries me is the breed being mixed an alaskan and a siberian. I would look for a full breed because they are healthier, they are more expensive but healthier.

NO BREEDERS! THEY CAUSE STRAYS! oh and that means that if the dog is cheap then that means there is something wrong with that dog. thats animal cruelty.

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