Transgender/ Crossdressing teen fiction?

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in books and novels involving transgenders, transsexuals, crossdressers, etc. and was wondering if anyone could recommend anything good?
To get more specific, I’m looking for teen fiction (as opposed to non-fiction). Any recommendations would be great!

I’m already…

the secret self is a good one it has a lot of sex in it though. silken embrace and silken servitude. the last 2 are a set im reading one now and its pretty good but again a lot of sex

Trangendered is typically an umbrella term. Any activity or any feelings that go outside the gender binary or traditional gender norms can fall into the category of ‘transgender’, and since crossdressing definitely is outside the ‘gender norms’ that means that you would technically be transgendered. I would just say that you are a crossdresser, not transgendered because people will misinterpret the word ‘transgendered’ wrong almost all the time. You aren’t weird or anything though. There are plenty of people out there like you. Transgendered isn’t the same at all as a transsexual(although a transsexual is also transgendered) though, which is perhaps what you are thinking of. A transsexual person feels that their physical sex does not match their internal gender and wants to correct their body via hormones, surgery or both, and wants to present as the gender they internally are. Additionally, the fact that you’re bisexual has no bearing upon your gender identity. There are transsexual lesbians and transmen who are gay.

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