Trying to figure out the name of a movie about a robot. made in the late 80s or early 90s?

This movie i really cant remember. only small parts. i 90% sure that the robot had been human at one time. i remember that the robot moved on a set of tracks similar to a tank but around the size of the tracks on johnny-5 from short circuit. the robots apperance was similar to that of the borgs from startrack. at…

If the other suggestions fail, try “Eliminators”…

…man, that’s a REAL tough one!!!

The closet thing, off the top of my head, regarding a robot or cyborg, that looks almost like, and possibly predates the cyborg-like Borg from Star Trek, is the 1986 sci-fi/actioner, “The Vindicator”; part of the film DOES take place in a burning warehouse, and the cyborg is being pursued by a beautiful man-hating bounty hunter (exploitation queen Pam Grier), who manages to survive the burning wreckage, at the end.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the film, so I don’t recall if, at some point in the film, the cyborg traveled around like a tank, but it DID eventually walk around like a man.

…I don’t know; would it be possible that you might be mixing up this film with three other coincidentally-related robot films that came out around that same year, namely “Short Circuit” (1986), “Chopping Mall” (1986) and “eliminators” (1986); all of those films had wholly mechanical-looking, as well as cyborg-looking robots, that traveled around like tanks.

Short Circuit?

Is it that movie, Batteries Not Included? Check that movie, it was made in the late 80’s and it was about a robot who helped alot of people in a building.

SHORT CIRCUIT! with allie sheedy


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