UK spouse visa document overkill?

I just turned in my settlement application at the UK embassy and I think I went a little too crazy with the amount of documents I provided.

For those who know, Does this seem like too much?

1. General Documents
1a-Print-out of completed online VAF4 Settlement Application
1b- (applicant) passport

Better too much than not enough! No reason why it should cause a problem. Good luck.

The more information you provide to the British Embassy in Bangkok, the higher chance you have on being successful and granted a visa for the UK. Once you have completed the application forms, include as much information as you possibly can to show that the relationship with your new wife is legitimate. For example, include photos, phone bills, emails, marriage certificates, etc. It is also important to show the British Embassy that you have the funds to support your wife in the UK – so include bank statements from the past 6 months. If you do not have your old payslips, then no worries as long as you can show you have the funds in your bank to survive and support yourself and your wife. Also, include a copy of the job offer letter with all the evidence that you will be submitting. Your wife will also need to give the British Embassy information regarding her family, previous jobs shes had, why she wants to come to the UK, what her plans are once she arrives in the UK, etc, etc. When you go to the British Embassy in Bangkok, your wife will be required to go for bi logical testing; this involves getting her finger prints and photo. It is a slow process, but you can get there in the end. Good Luck!

What about telephone bills showing your phone calls that you have made whilst being apart? These are also a good record of the fact that you have an ongoing relationship.

It’s better to much then to little.

Looks like you have covered all the bases.

I would call it comprehensive not overkill. Nothing on your list is irrelevant. Good luck with your applicaiton.

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