What game console should i buy?

I am planning to buy a game console but I don’t know if to buy a 3ds , ps3,xbox360 or wait for the ps4, which one should I buy or wait on?

Uh xbox360 or ps3 xbox360 has more games.

Well, there are a couple of options. I am considering that you’re not talking a few transportable device, more like a station. It depends on how so much you might be inclined to pay and the way long you are willing to attend. If you could come up with the money for the Nintendo Wii (anticipated $200) and can watch for it to be released, go for it! If that you can have enough money the playstation three (expected four hundred-600$) and can stay up for it to be launched, purchase it, no longer the Wii. Should you cannot have enough money both of the above choices or can not wait, go for a ps2 or a Nintendo GameCube. If which you could afford a ps2 (anticipated one hundred twenty$ now or whatever), go for it. If that you would be able to have the funds for a Nintendo Gamecube however not a ps2 (anticipated 70$), go for it. So it will depend on how a lot you may have and the way lengthy you are inclined to attend. It could possibly go from 70$ and no wait all the option to 600$ and 3 months wait. These are the only 4 good dwelling gaming consoles in the marketplace.

Well it depends. If you want more of a portable on the go game, then obviously 3ds. However, if you want more things such as better games and more multiplayer then go for ps3 or xbox 360 depends on which you would like more. If you wait for the ps4 however, you may have to save a lot of money but you will also have something newer which will later become normal and your friends may buy it too. It all depends on what you want to use it mostly for.

Waiting for the PS4 would be a wise decision but I think you should also get some more money to buy the 3DS as well. A game console and portable game console are 2 different awesome things to own!

I wouldn’t wait because it could be a few more years. But I’m impatient. I have an Xbox 360 and let me warn you, it isn’t compatible with anything. You have to buy a Microsoft Bluetooth, and their special storage devices. The PS3 is compatible with anything, which I like. Whatever you choose though, don’t go with the 3DS, I had a DS and I didn’t like the OS or the games to play on it. The Xbox 360 would probably be your best bet because the slim isn’t too old, and they will always be coming out with new updates.

It really depends on 3 things 1. money: if you want to get something for low money, xbox, or ps3/4 is a great choice, but if you really want to put in some money for something, buy a pc. a pc is a great investment overtime because the games are cheaper, (and you have access to the steam winter sale XD) … 2. graphics. pc no question is the best, ps3 isn’t very good, but the ps4 should be better. xbox has meh graphics, but pc is hardly comparable. 3. gameplay: it doesn’t vary that much, but according to a lot of people, pc is a lot easier to maneuver, but i personally prefer an xbox controller. hope this helps! 😀

I have a Xbox 360 and I’m happy with it. It has exclusive games like Halo, Kinect games,etc. But you have to pay to play multiplayer, watch Netflix, and other great stuff. Ps3 is also good because of its good graphics and exclusive games like inFamous, God of War, Uncharted, and more. Ps3’s online multiplayer is free. I don’t really know much about the 3ds. The only thing that I know that it is 3D (obviously).
But I’ll just let you decide which console/handheld you like more.

i will recommend to get a ps3 because if xbox it will need money to go on the internet. Or you may just be patient and wait for the ps4 i am predicting that it will be better than all of those!

Down to Earthm a Playstation 3 and an Xbox 360 are just the same. That is until you go comparing the online services and some very specific technical aspects. Just go with whatever you want.

3ds are sort of new but cheap.
ps3 are getting old.
xbox 360 getting old.
ps4 will be a lot when they come out.
so i reccomend 3ds.

ps3 are cheap right now and they are still gold, super slim is $200. you can wait for the ps4 but it is going to be expensive. I say ps3.

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