What zodiac sign most likely to have enemies?

Zodiac sign most likely to make enemies and have alot of enemies?

Scorpio? I wouldn’t agree.
A Scorpio will either like you or dislike you, if they happen to dislike you, they’ll simply erase you from their life or simply not care about you.

You become a Scorpios real enemy once you attack something/someone they love/believe in.
By that time once you show your true side, you might get a heated argument harsh words thrown around or such, but for the most part after some time, you’re dead to them and they’ll never forget it.

I wouldn’t say though that any Scorpio goes out their way to make someone their enemy.

That’s hard to answer b/c some sign get along with other sign very well. Everyone has a flip side and a day where they don’t want to be bother. It’s how you cope with things as an individual, I don’t think its a sign thing:) by the way what is your sign?

Taurus. It is the money sign but it is also the bull. Taurus are great lovers and protectors but could be the most deadly of enemies. Do not cross the path of Taurus because you will never win against the people with the Taurus sign. Good luck to you.

Usually, I’ve seen every Zodiac sign not get along with certain people.

For instance, a water sign like Pisces (female) can get jealous, and (male) can be really withdrawn, sparking a view of ignorance from others.

A fire sign like Aries (male) can be ignorant sometimes, and (female) can be sneaky.

An earth sign like Taurus (female) can be very stubborn, and (male) can be slightly sneaky.

An air sign like Aquarius (male) can be too….forward, and (female) can be too bossy.

Each sign has it’s own quirks, this is just a quick run-down of what I have seen first-hand. Because of these, other signs tend to fight with them because of their quirks. I hope it helps.

I’m a Scorpio and i don’t have enemies,At least i hope so lol 😛
I just stick to the people i care about,And the fake people i don’t come near. Simple as that!

Probably people with Venus in Scorpio or Venus in Sagittarius.

Geminis, they have a fun personality nd the first impression of them is always good bt once that other side (two faced) of them shows, you’ll look @ them differently nd wanna keep your distance.

CANCERS! They create they’re own enemies! They assume people are against them and talk about them. Plus they talk bwhind people back and they seem so sweet. I don’t get along with most cancerss, they’re too damn sensitive!


they love justice, they are outspoken, they hate lies and dishonesty, they fight with everything and everyone and thus making enemies wherever they go

no one likes to hear their negative points spoken out loud on their faces and Aries can’t shut their mouths when they see one

They are all equal, like rock paper scizzors. But,if you ask many people, Aries are the toughest to deal with in many peoples oppinion.

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