Which one is more favorable: senior care group home or big assisted living facility?

I am thinking about open a senior care group home using my own home, but I do not know how likely people would like to come comparing to big assisted living facility. Actually I can offer much better detailed and more private services like one on one certified nurse aid and shared registered nurse care plus shared…

I have visited people in both a Senior Care Group Home & a large Assisted Care Facility. I personally preferred the Senior Care Group Home. I lived across the street from one a few years ago. The home was really large & very comfortable for all residents. Each resident had their own bedroom, which was spacious & was equipped with a bathroom. The residents shared the downstairs living quarters & were able to watch tv, read, play card games, board games, etc. If they wanted privacy, they stayed in their room. The kitchen was huge & the residents all dined together in the very cozy kitchen. The home was staffed with nurses, & other staff, 24/7. Family was always welcome & they could take their loved one out for the day. The home had a large van & they took residents here & there. If I couldn’t live in my own home later, for whatever reason, I’d choose to live in a Senior Care Group Home.

Personally i don’t find either nursing homes or senior care group home as good options. I believe that the best is to find your rest in an assisted living facility. I know people who love the rest of their lifes there. Here’s a list of them in California: http://losangelesassistedlivingfacilities.com/city/assisted-living-pasadena/ .

You have an unrealistic pricing structure, I’m afraid. If I had $25 K a month, I’d be living my own luxury home with a private nurse – why would I want to share someone else’s home ? Come to think of it, I could book a permanent state room on a luxury ocean liner, and be cared for night and day , with a great view out of the window, watching the world go by.

A lot of people think that they have a great idea until they look into it thoroughly. I’d suggest doing a business course, and finding out the nuts and bolts of this idea of yours. Talk to some people who already do it. There will a lot of government rules and regulations, and many more aspects that you’ve not yet thought of.

Good luck – but you’ll need it, I suspect.

Senior Care Group Home

I’m not 100% certain that I understand your term ‘assisted living’. It could mean that someone has carers coming to their own home to help with the things they cannot do for themselves (here in the U.K. we call that ‘Home Care’) or it could mean what we call ‘sheltered housing’ (where everyone has their own self-contained flat but there is a warden on call should any emergency occur or any special help be needed. I used to visit a couple who lived in sheltered housing where they had their own front door, prepared their own food and used their own washing machine etc. but three times a day the warden buzzed each flat in turn to check that everything was O.K. and ask if they had any specific need. Those who could do so did their own shopping but it could be done for them. Each room in every flat had an emergency cord which could be pulled if the warden was needed urgently. If I ever need any help as I age even more that is the kind of place I’d like, where I know that an emergency could be dealt with quickly and I’d never be lonely. The only downside is that they all seem to have only one bedroom so that does not allow for a partner who snores or for overnight visitors.

It depends on the needs of your clients as to which is preferred. At $25000 you will need some very wealthy clientele. Make sure you have them lined up in advance or you might go broke. A person could have their own live in help and live in their own home at that price. I think you are over your head in luxury and expense.

It would be cheaper for them to stay at home and have all these services come into their house. The cost of 24 hour nursing care (including transportation to wherever they want to go) is $300/day and for $10/hr you can hire cleaning and cooking to be done plus you get to stay in your own comfortable familiar home.

$25K a month seems incredibly high.

My FIL is in an assisted care facility and that is only about $3200 a month.

What you offer is no different than what he is getting right now and with all the people there, he gets a lot of mental stimulation

At that price, 25,000 only the rich could afford it. And if they are that rich they will hire someone to come into their own lovely homes and mansions. I would prefer a facility.

I agree with Steven King.

Who but a select few could afford to live on that much money.

Did you make a mistake when tying $25,000 per person?

That would be outrages.

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