Which Republican leader has the best chance of winning the presidency in 2012?

It is too early to tell but Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are polling favorites for the republicans. Jim Demint is popular here on yahoo as is Tim Pawlenty also. And there is always Mike Huckabee and sarah Palin, which I don’t really think will be candidates. I happen to like Newt Gingrich even tho he has a lot of baggage to overcome.

The Republican party had behaved so badly in opposition, I think they need a bit more practice in opposition so they can learn how to do it honorably. The Tea Party, and the takeover of the Republican party by the neo-conservatives, will ruin the chances for a Republican president in 2012. The moderate Republicans will be forced out of the party, even though they account for the majority of members, and we’ll be left with a fringe party of radical extremists. But this is a good thing, as it might lead to the formation of a viable third party with a centrist philosophy. That’s where the majority of people would vote, and we would have the amusing spectacle of a fringe radical extremist conservative party and a fringe radical extremist liberal party, ranting at each other, but with no real power or influence.


Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

I will have to say Sarah Palin since many YA!-ers seem to love her.

@ Uncle Pennybags: Did you hear that Gingrich has gone nuts lately? He went on tour ranting about “secular socialism” infiltrating our society like a crazy oddball. He is getting out of touch with independent voters

This is a joke right? The party of NO has NO chance. Obama has been doing wonderful things for the future of our country. The only knock against him is the unemployment rate. Which really isn’t his fault. We have had 3 straight quarters of growth.

Mitt Romney

Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, or Abraham Lincoln would all have a good chance if they distanced themselves from all of the live Republican leaders.

I will have to go with Newt Gingrich, who divorced his cancer ridden wife, so that he could marry his mistress.

Hey, I know, why don’t we wait to see who is running instead of chasing what ifs?

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