Why are gas prices so high?

Why are gas prices 50 cents higher a gallon in Michigan than in Texas?

If you can find anyone with a solid answer to any part of this craziness — we should give them a carte blanche to go to Washington with a ballbat to discuss some details with the filthy rich slugs that are sitting back with thier efforts to give the country away while THIS crap is going on !!!!

It is outright usery and opportunizm to the max !! The oil companies have been logging RECORD profits for business quarter after business quarter for some while now — and they KNOW that the price of fuel effects the price of every single other commodity on the market !! It is flagerant — in your face gluttony –being carried out by the absolute richest of the rich on the backs of the common citizen !! And, the “conflict of interest” here between what is going on and the current administration is SO out of touch with ethics that it borders on treasonous in its core ingredient !!!

I think it is a good thing. Gas prices going up that is. Maybe when gas reaches $8.00 per gallon, those now paying $125.00 to fill up their ridiculously large gas gusling tanks will be paying over $250.00!!! Ha! Maybe then will they think about “going green” or the fuel consumption of our country changing before the the economic factors start to make everything else more expensive. There is also a finite supply of oil. The faster we use it up, the faster it will hit peak production and the prices will only soar from there on.

Some may say that the gas companies are greedy and this may be true. It’s the same thing as health care. How have those rates gone up in the United States? Is it need or just plain greed?

Think about it.

I read a very interesting article from today’s Yahoo News on this topic. There are currently a few refineries that are off line for repairs. Coupled with steady demand that hasn’t spiked for the summer driving season, the production isn’t ahead of the curve enough to reduce the prices and push the consumer to spend less conservatively on the commodity.

Regional price differentials depend on where the fuel is delivered and what means it uses to arrive. I’m not merely speaking of the tanker truck used to supply the fuel stations. Does the product arrive via ship/barge, or pipeline?? Or does the gas need to be transported long distance via truck to meet the demand. In Texas, I presume the pircing is lower as there are more refineries to supply the region while producing on a national scale as well. Crude is shipped via pipeline to NY, NJ, PA, OH for refinement (as well as additional states) and delivery.

I find the seeming lack of regulation deplorable just like everyone else. I also realize that GW is NOT singlehandedly accountable for the issue. Gas and oil are exhaustable resources and as much as I hate to say it… we should consider ourselves fortunate that we pay as little as we do compared to Europe, Australia and our Canadian neighbors to the North.

The good news (at least I hope so) is that diesel has held steady in some markets around $2.85 a gallon which helps control other consumer costs… think food and clothes here. The report that I read also noted that when the refineries finish their repairs and come back on line, some relief is expected (not set in stone) around July.

19 cents a gallon in Venezuela

26 cents a gallon in Saudi Arabia

40 cents a gallon in Iraq (guess which country buys it for them at $1.50 a gallon or so and sells it for 40 cents)

35 cents a gallon in Iran

$3.44 in Chicago, IL

Oil companies “schedule” maintenance at refineries in the spring/early summer driving up prices, they also seem to have a lot of “accidents” or “fires” or “lightning strikes” at refineries at the beginning of summer driving season which brings down gasoline inventories in the USA so “futures” investors can drive up the price. This is so the oil companies can continue to make RECORD profits. The price of a barrel of oil is actually less than last year, but gas prices are higher, hmmmm. Must be those evironmentalists though who won’t let them build more refineries, and if you believe that I’ve got a Chevron oil tanker named “The Condi Rice” for sale (here’s a link to the picture). The prices in Michigan are higher than Texas because of state/local taxes and proximity to refineries, Texas has a bunch of refineries, Michigan does not, so it costs more money to get the fuel to Michigan than Texas.

We all speculate regarding the cause–I’m ready for solutions. A year ago, I was forced to sacrifice my SUV for a more fuel efficient 4 cylinder commuter. I drive 70 miles round trip every day to work. Yesterday, I paid $3.59 per gallon for regular just outside of Ann Arbor, MI. I pulled in just behind the driver of a Ford Expedition, the 19-foot long behemoth that I could almost drive my little commuter underneath without a scratch. I shake my head in disbelief that this driver will probably spend upwards to $75-$125 at this stop (I’d prefer to shake my fist). I’m imagining that this driver is independently wealthy or is up to their hair follicles in credit debt to be able to justify this mode of blatant transportation–yes, the driver had no passengers in this trauler. The area in which I work is very affluent, the area, just 35 miles away, in which I live, is financially depressed, as much of Michigan is becoming. Until we all start changing our consumption habits, limiting unnecessary driving, carpooling and driving sensible vehicles instead of apparent manhood status trophies, we will all have to sacrifice by paying higher prices. I really thought I needed that SUV to negotiate the Michigan winter and the country roads on which I traverse, but believe it or not, I’ve made my daily commute with 4 cylinders and a set of snow tires safely and quite comfortably this past year. I would encourage my friends to do so as well and possibly we will better weather this latest “hole in our wallet”. I’m also celebrating Memorial Day close to home!

It’s completely a bunch of **** that two months ago there was a huge over stock and now that we are close to Memorial Day there is worry about usage. It’s bullshit and the gas companies are full of it. I bought a hybrid and I’m a miser. I pay as little as I have to.
I live less than an hour away from a huge refinery here in Ohio and we are paying anywhere from $2.39 to $2.55 per gallon depending on which side of town you live.


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Boutique fuels are the reason. Different parts of the country have different standards for fuel. This requires refineries to produce a special fuel (or boutique fuel) for that area. The boutique fuels are usually required to satisfy environmental goals. These boutique fuels are much more expensive. That is why California is always higher than Texas. California has special requirements and it costs more money to make the fuel. Michigan probably uses a similar fuel.

There’s a couple reasons, but the main one is because that bimbo Canadian Governor we have just raised the fuel tax in the state.

Plus, we have to pay for shipping costs to get the fuel up here.

But, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but fuel in the Detroit area is 20 cents cheaper than the out lying areas.

On Friday, it was $3.38 in Detroit, and $3.59 in Brighton. It’s horrible.

probably lol , it purely relies upon which reason they supply us this time for it.earlier it replaced into because of the fact the cost of oil going up.Now their asserting fee of oil, is purely a small effect.Then it replaced into the hurricanes which i will comprehend.Then it replaced into for changing the blends from winter to summer season and the opposite for later interior the year.And on a area i replaced into examining in addition they suggested that, opec replaced into purposly lowering production by using like a million million barrels an afternoon.which might then stress up call for.(so as that they are paying fewer human beings to artwork, yet getting tripple the earnings back it not greater.)that does no longer, make all of us elect to extend call for.in addition they use the scarce tactic, the place they think of they are going to have a shortage so as that they jack up expenditures greater anyhow.and each year they keep rasing it,and rasing it So from is seams like no one quite knows, you will hear approximately one ingredient then a week later, the cost drives up and theres no explination.the united stateshas a oil reserve with hundreds of thousands and if not greater crammed with oil.and that they are contantly finding new places with a lot of oil,purely seams like opec purely needs to make money. the government could desire to some how, placed a cap on the % they are in a position to make (opec,marathon,bp ect) as earnings,because of the fact its quite lots a monopoly.I dont see why giving them additional funds because of the fact its fairly low, facilitates with this so called :shortage”.some think of it has to do something with pres. Bush, yet im unsure could desire to be accessible, yet im no longer likely there.yet i’ll assert venezeula has oil yet because of the fact their president(Chavez) hates Bush,so as that they decline to do any business enterprise.stable success on sorting out the genuine answer, i think of it may pi** alot of persons off, if we ever quite found out.final analysis, someones getting wealthy on the expence of others,on a neccesity and a super variety of which could’t locate the money for it.Like i suggested, OPEC and the greater desirable gas station agencies are a monopoly in theirselfs.because of the fact we don’t have the different source and that they have got us by using the balls, even in the event that they are asserting, is going.

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