Why are Republicans defending the Big Oil Companies?

Democrats want to stop giving tax cuts to these Billion Dollar Oil Companies.

But Republicans are defending these Oil Companies just like they defended BP after the oil spill this proves how much Republicans only are about the rich they always defend the Rich and attack the Poor on every single issue.

Republicans get campaign contributions from them.

There is more of this going on than in oil as you can see in these 2 links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUNHwZVgL… http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en#sclien…

The people who support continuing these oil subsidies believe that any rise in operational cost for the oil companies will result in higher prices at the pump. This logic is seriously faulty. Following this logic the more money we give oil companies the less money they will charge at the pump. You can go fill up your tank today and see this is clearly not the case. The oil companies want more profit because those profits usually pour over as bonuses. That is why they don’t mind making us pay $4.50/gallon while they report record profits. Those profits are not coming from some complicated procedure on wall st. Those profits are coming directly from our pockets. I will never understand how anybody can support subsidizing the most profitable corporations in America when all they do is reach into your other pocket and take more every time.

“Democrats want to stop giving tax cuts to these Billion Dollar Oil Companies”

Yeah, thats SURE to lower the prices at the pump, huh?

Meanwhile, Obama is doing everything in his power to help the Brazilians go drilling for oil in deep waters. And just by coinky dink, George Soros is heavilly invested in Brazillian oil.

“But Republicans are defending these Oil Companies just like they defended BP after the oil spill”

Obama biggest recipient of BP cash


Because that’s the right thing to do…think about it! For years now everybody knows that hummanity has the alternative of healthier energy(by now tested in all ways), but which is used only where the state wants. Why is that?…Because if these companies fall right now, they will give a new meaning to the world’s economics crisis. The whole world would suffer for decades. So these
protective measures are actually part of a worldwide protection pact in which regards the oil companies.:))

I don’t see it that way- Obama took 2 billion taxpayer dollars to Brazil for deep water drilling-
Obama even remains committed to more nuclear plants just like the 40 year old ones in Daishi Fukushima.
It’s both parties- all your media- and you.

You got it.

The subsidies were started when oil was $17 dollars a barrel. It hasn’t been that for a long time.

Republicans represent corporations, not The People, and they are so far right now that Reagan would be a Commie in their eyes.

Maybe Mr. Obama should stop giving our money to Brazil to drill for oil and telling them we are looking forward to being your biggest customer I know he likes the color of the people down there but still and all

they may believe it would be more stable. at this point they should find a compromise. then quit wasting the taxes there already are. at least move forward. summer is almost here and they will need those vacations !

We don’t believe we should pay over a dollar a mile to drive. Evidently those attacking “big oil” do.

Over 60% of “big oil” stock is in the hands of mutual funds IRA’s and UNION pension funds. so you now want to attack the union pensions??? i thought you guys loved those things.

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