Why do some Republicans seem to be attacking President elect Obama before he even gets into office?

The man has not even took office yet? Is it because he is for Universal health care insurance? Is it because he seems to be for the poor man in our country. Is that why your trying to discredit him before he even starts? I am a Conservative Democrat on most things accept where health care is concerned, I have…

Maybe for the same reason Obama criticized his opponents during the election campaign. Maybe for the same reason you criticized McCain and Palin and Bush.

There is nothing wrong with criticizing someone because you do not agree with their policies. That is what makes America such a great country. We have the freedom to voice our opinions.

First, I am poor. Let me start by saying my car is 20 years old, and was a gift. My house is single wide trailer that is 30 years old. That doesn’t make me uneducated trailer trash, it makes me and my husband smart enough not to jump into debt and save our money first before we buy our first house and nice vehicle.

Next, many changes need to take place before Universal Health Care will work, like the amount of health care providers. There aren’t enough to treat everybody as it stands right now. My mother has degenerative disc disease, and no health care. Oh, yeah, and was just in a wreck a couple of days ago. So don’t think I am unsympathetic to those uninsured. I have only had insurance for less than a year of my adult life. And that was sporadic. And there are many things I need to see a doctor about.

People from countries with socialized health care, like Canada, come to this country for our great health care system, because it beats theirs, and their insanely long waiting periods for, at times, life threatening treatments.

Why can’t we learn from the mistakes of other countries, and not repeat them? If we don’t supply this country with health care providers first, we will all be on waiting lists for essential health care.

Your reasoning fails. Obama has asked for attention of his cupboard appointments previously he’s happening of work so as that they are able to have expedited confirmations. the US Senate has been holding HEARINGS on the persons who would be contributors of the Obama cupboard. subsequently, the competition social gathering has an legal accountability to ask questions approximately their skills and historic past. Obama has asked the Congress for specific legislations that he needs as area of his administration’s classes. it is in develop of his inauguration in spite of the undeniable fact that it incredibly is a element of his administration’s coverage and course. it could be irresponsible for the Republican minority to allow those classes to circulate unchallenged while they’re of course against the excellent hobbies of the country. The GOP contributors signify one hundred MILLION people who need to have their voices heard. The Democrats can no longer and should no longer overlook approximately those people. did no longer Obama say he needed a BI-PARTISAN authorities? FYI – Bush replaced into no longer “of course” a “disaster.” while the airborne dirt and dust settles and the Bush-haters circulate directly to different stupidities, objective analysis will instruct that he replaced right into a much greater useful president than any of them could ever assume. it incredibly is thrilling how lots of his classes and rules Obama is adopting, isn’t it? look for many greater to come back. that’s the evidence of Bush’s success. you won’t be able to truly assume to take people to activity for criticizing Obama once you spend maximum of your publish making ignorant accusations approximately Republicans and conservatives. you haven’t any longer any concept who “those people” are and in the event that they have any association with the Republican social gathering.

Someone has not been paying attention obviously. He is backing out on the universal health care thing already. He is keeping the Bush tax cuts in place.

I was never impressed with your attacks on Bush. I wonder why you did not rally by Bush’s side and help bring about change in our country.

Because that’s what they do: I mean , what are they going to do? Wait until Obama messes up in a HUGE way, which may never happen, to begin attacking him? I ‘m not a RePUBE but if i were that hairy, i’d be trying to make mountains out of mole-hills everytime Obama so much as breathed the wrong way

EDIT: Des-n-Jes, Canada’s healthcare system is WAY better than the states. Obviously they pay more taxes, but if you’re suffering from bullet wounds they won’t turn you away because you don’t have the proper insurance

Sometimes the majority is wrong. We attack him based on his short history in the Senate. Obama is a socialist. His health care system will be a disaster. Haven’t you heard that rich Canadians will travel to the U.S. for an operation. This is so they don’t have to wait for months or years and might die before receiving the operation in a Canadian hospital. Is that what you want for the U.S.?

We attack him because we don’t believe that his ideas are what is best for the country that is why we didn’t vote for him. I don’t want to pay for everyone elses healthcare, I already pay for me and my family why should I pay for yours. I am not going to rally behind him as I don’t support him and his views and politics, I will continue to campaign against him and hope he doesn’t hurt our country during his tenure in office. I think the republicans will get the middle class back as they will see the only way to fund obamas socialist programs is for the middle class to be taxed to support all the poor people.

Because people who own stocks get nervous about the future. Obama is making bad choices.

get used to it–at least 4 years of great Yahoo Answers chatter

Republicans are stupid old people with issues the ones that want to be elected are the most they say they want a brighter future bullshit they only want power and war that is why they hate barrack and republicans are white so the idea for a black president is like a sin to them

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