Why does our weatherman keep telling us to watch out for black guys on the bridge?

Everytime it snows, he just starts talking on and on about black guys on the bridge and to be careful!

Is he a bigot?

Hey There Sweetie! I suspect that in most places the weather man may be reffering to a slippery winter condition known as “Black Ice” HOWEVER, in Philadelphia this week, it is probably an urgent message to warn innocent folks from traveling under high overpasses, as they might be hit by Eagles that have decided to jump. But that’s the LEAST of that cities worries! When it finally comes ANDY REIDS turn to “end it all”, there will be a bigger sports related Earthquate than the 89 World Series! XO

P.S. Go Obama! Go Steelers! XO

You know……I was listening to the radio one morning at work and I could have SWORN the weather guy said to watch out for some black guys on the corner of Dorothy and Main. Now, this was a fair side of town, but I didnt think they needed to be so rude about it.

Yeah, he’s a bigot. But he’s a bigot against black ice, or ice you can’t see on the pavement, just in case you don’t really know.

Equal opportunity scaremonger. I hear him also warn about a white-out, how dangerous a white-out is. I don’t know if he means all the white people out on the street at once, like a mob, or all the white people call in sick to work…like the world would stop running.

No he”s trying to say,Black Ice,He has to much off a accent.

Its called black ice.

You look exactly like my kitty kat Casey and if you are then you need to get your furry butt back home by 4 pm for dinner!

LAUGH…I don’t think he’s a bigot, he just has an annunciation problem.

You need a hearing aide.. .BLACK ICE!!!

they might be hard to see and you don’t want to run over anyone..

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