Why is Obama killing 20,000 jobs by rejecting the Keystone Pipeline?


G’day Becca the Tea Lady.

Thank you for your question.

Because at the moment, he does not want to have to choose between 20000 proper jobs and alienating the environmentalists who are part of his base. Shame when he has spent billions of taxpayer dollars for so little in terms of real jobs or economic benefit.


The reason I call myself an ‘Independent’ is because I question all sides. But what’s the deal with running this pipeline across 6 states from Canada to Texas in the first place? Yea Texas has refineries but why not build one up there in the northern states? No pipeline required right?

What am I missing here?

The number I read was $7 Billion for the pipeline and a bunch of pissed off people.

Here’s some figures on refineries

Edit: Yea I figured it had something to do with environmentalists and the EPA (and) Obama’s Union buddies…in other words, money, control, and Votes.

Then there’s the “Not In My Back Yard” problem. Heck of it is, the enviro-radicals will fight BOTH ideas right.. “Oil is Evil”…bla bla blah

this is a shame on the administration that i will answer your question with one notice: VOTES the clarification I say votes is via the fact people who would be engaged on the pipeline should not be balloting for Obama different than the unions and that they’re going to vote for Obama besides.

It is a shame on the administration that I can answer your question with one word:
The reason I say votes is because those who would be working on the pipeline won’t be voting for Obama except the unions and they will vote for Obama anyway.

For the same reason the Imbecile in Chief does anything,
pandering to his base. the flat earth gimme crowd.

Bad for the economy means good for the socialists.

I would rather know why connies don’t mind 2 million jobs being blocked by the Republicans in the Senate.

Because it is what he does the best. His one outstanding talent. Destroy any hope of economic recovery. His environmental buddies would ostracize him publicly. Can’t have that.

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