Why is religion synonomous with war if religion is supposed to promote peaceful co-existance?

They are not synonymous, but religion and war are often associated. Religious differences are often cited as the cause of wars, but I guess this is often just an excuse to try to conquer some land or grab other resources. There have been planty of wars where religion played no apparent part from the Roman invasions to WWI, WWII, and the Falklands.

War and religion are not synonymous but more like famous opposites.

Some wars start because of money and economics, others by greed and egotistical populations and then there are some that are caused by religion. Those usually root from a small-minded person/s who is/are a dominating character, self-righteous and headstrong. And because these characteristics are so intimidating and powerful – or become so – many buckle underneath them and comply or simply rebel and it’s when those who rebel take action that war can be found, even if it is swept under the rug or seems diminutive to the bigger concept, but it still happens.

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it sort of feels that the factor it is being portrayed is that non secular all people is fans are conflict, whilst they could fairly could do regardless of it takes to coexist with others. This thought is defective in the two tactics. a million.have you ever considered the historic evidence for what leaders who’re anti-non secular have executed to this worldwide? Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Lenin, and so on. those leaders have been the two anti-non secular or atheistic of their worldwide view. have you ever even evaluate how many those that they are in charge from killing? If the question is “Why is faith synonymous with conflict” are you comparing it with Nonreligious? if so then fairly non faith is extra deadly. 2.yet is the question is “faith is meant to sell non violent coexistence” Then are you asserting that anybody that asserts a faith can’t combat for their ideals, or that they could be everlasting pacifists, or that they could enable people to oppress them and their perspectives?

Its all about money and possessions in the broadest sense. We will promote peaceful co-existence if we have the edge in the power struggle.

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