1 Yr old female dog suddenly peeing in the house?

We’ve completely housetrained her long ago, checked her for UTI infection (negative) & kept a constant daily routine with her but ever since a couple days ago, our dog has been peeing on our floor. It’s never in the same spot , it’s all over the place.

We’ve tried ignoring it, scolding her……

If a vet has checked her out and she’s healthy then perhaps she’s afraid to use the litter box, maybe something happened out there that spooked her or the litter box has another scent on it. Clean the litterbox with something that removes odors completely and then put the litterbox inside the house and see if she’ll use it then. I have a cat that will not eat his food or use his litter box unless someone is in the room with him; he’s spooked.

We had a problem with our dog not going to the toilet because we had a back yard with no grass. She would only go when we took her to the field across the road and would hold it in until we could get her there. Very annoying because she would occasionally go inside.

It’s best not treat it in a negative way but every-time she goes for a wee outside give her treats so she can associate it with a positive and get a reward. We did this for a couple of months until she got the routine perfect and because she knew she would always have her walks, we have never had this problem since and she is now eleven.

SAME THING HERE!!! but ive had my dog for 4 years so he has been trained…. he never had this problem until i moved back to miami.. in my house on the sliding glass door there is a built in doggy door which he knows how to use and he comes in and out of the house whenever he pleases…. and he still pees in the house… i walk him for about half an hour… i play with him… i dont know what his problem is?! i can understand that maybe hes upset because i might be out of the house for a while but he pees in the house in the middle of the night too!!! i have to mop the house like twice a day!! i dont know what to do either?!

Don’t scold her. She is probably under some stress. Try playing with her and lettting go on some of the house rules. It will make her feel less controlled and overwhelmed. If that still doesn’t stop it, take her to the vet.

Is there anything new about your house or a new person that comes regularly? Your dog might not like the change. If it isn’t that then you should call your vet and talk to him about it. They will give you thier opinion and if it is more serious they’ll call you in and hopefully cure your puppy.

i would take her to the vet and do what the vet says. If the vet tells you nothings wrong just train her again.

1. many females get problems like this due to mishandled “spay”. Vets won’t tell you this!!!
2. possible estrogen deficiency, again..due to “fixing”
3. external stress??? change in the family???
Best of luck.

oh the joys of adolescence. if she is really ok medically (not just UTI), then she needs consistent training and fast. try NILIF (nothing in life is free). You may be giving her too much of a good thing (your unearned attention).

She could be mad at something! My old dog when she was upset with you would go “potty” in the house. I think because she knew she would get attention for it, whether it was negative or posative.

Poor dog. Take her to a vet, they’ll take a good care of her hopefully.

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