Atheists what is your proof that God doesnt exsist?

Scientist just have theorys. and when you use stuff like “He said he would answer my prayers. ” And another one like “The stuff in the bible isnt tue i’ve tried it.”
Just because you THINK it isnt true does that mean God isnt real?? And is it possible that the only reason you would want to…

The fact that:
1) Bible is the only book which has stood all sort of scrutiny, probes and tests from many skeptics and Scientists alike, But still no one has managed to discredit bible.
2) Bible was written in many different time periods by many different people and yet all agree with each other, does say that the Bible is not an ordinary history book.
3) Bible has many references to other sources of non Christianity, like Historical records, other religious books, and even references from the enemies of Bible during the time.
4) Bible is the only Most read & printed book in the history of mankind.

I could not explain so much in this Rubik, but I could introduce a book for all who read here, a book so clear, simple and will leave you no doubt about How reliable historical events is the Bible. Also will answer some questions like: Are there any evidences for Jesus which exist outside the Bible? Is he saying unbelievably mad things ? Is there any reason to believe the resurrection was an actual historical event? He shares how his search brought him to this conclusion: Jesus of Nazareth really is the Son of God, Bible is truly accurate accounts of historical events, etc


Lee Strobel was once a critics and skeptics of Bible and its accuracy, his main intention in the beginning was to discredit Bible, and thus he went into the dept investigation. In the end, he was not only convinced that bible is true and accurate, but he also is now a renounced believer and scholar for Christ, and touches millions of souls with his new faith in Christ.

I hate it when people say scientists just have theories like they’re something to be disdained. A scientific theory is not the same as a layman’s theory.

My evidence is the many contradictions in the Bible, the inconsistencies in modern religions and religious laws, the leaps of logic involved in faith, and general immoralities condoned by God while He condemns other behaviors that shouldn’t be. No, none of this is proof, but it’s extremely difficult to prove a negative; it’s much easier to prove that something does exist than doesn’t. Prove that God does exist. I’ll wait.

And obviously, as an atheist, I don’t have faith in God. That kinda comes with the territory.

Better question: What’s your proof that God does exist? I can even throw your own words back at you…just because you think it’s true, does that mean God does exist? The Bible was written how long ago? Before people even knew the world was round.

I believe in people and that they can sometimes be good. I think some major religions have concepts that are good (like the 10 Commandments, thou shalt not kill, etc.). But I don’t think the promise of some afterlife paradise is needed to convince people into being good and staying away from “bad” actions.

If I said there was a thriving nation of tiny invisible superintelegent space mollusks living on a single grain of sand somewhere in New England, you couldn’t possibly prove me wrong but the sheer obsurdity of the claim combined with my failure to produce any evidence whatsoever that any such mollesks exist would more than make not beleiving my claim the most logical choice.

You’re the one making the obsurd claim. Proof or GTFO.

Sigh, atheists aren’t saying that none of the gods don’t exist. We just have an open mind. Look up the word atheist. Theists claim there are gods, so the burden of proof is on them.

Whats your proof that dragons and unicorns weren’t real? Can you prove evolution doesn’t exist? How about the big bang theory? What about Magic (or magik)

And many atheists don’t believe in God not because prayers weren’t answered but it just seems false in every way, shape, and form.

Faith=Belief=Something that may or may not be true not “Is True”.

My Evidence for God not being real is Science and your Self-Contradicting god and Bible.

The Bible in itself is proof he doesnt exist. It’s inane ramblings of 2000 year old bigots, about an ‘all loving’ God who spend most of his time wiping out the population, one ‘sinner’ at a time, except of course in the story of Noah, when he went all Nazi ethnic cleansing on all the people who wouldn’t listen to him.
If God was all knowing, he’d know the future, so pre-programme Adam not to eat the apple, and include ‘thou shalt not pollute’ in the 10 commandments so we wouldn’t end up with Global Warming.
If he was all loving, no one would get killed for being gay, as we’ve worked out it’s genetic, so can’t be helped, so why couldn’t he? After all, he’d have made them that way.
If he was all powerful, why can’t he answer our prayers? If a cancer patient prayed to get better, but had treatment, they’d put getting better down to God, not the treatment, but why if an amputee prayed for a new limb, which is something that science can’t treat, can God not just grow him a new one?

The only reason scientists still call evolution and the Big Bang ‘theories’ is that we cannot repeat it, as it took so many millions of years for evolution from start to ‘finish’, and a full scale Big Bang would wipe us out.

I refuse to believe in an omnipotent being with a low self esteem that requires praise. I refuse to believe in a religion that believes in eating the flesh of a zombie. Absolutely ridiculous. If you feel comfortable with your religion, great.

It’s just way to silly / creepy/ sexist/ bigoted/ contradictory and to violent for my liking.

There is no evidence toward the existence of a god, therefore I have no reason to believe. Why don’t you stop concerning yourself with my lack of belief and prove that your god actually exists, for a change? Oh, wait..

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