Could not access to router setup page.?

After I logged to router setup page to disable the DHCP Server ,
now I am using the same address but I could not access to this router setup page, I tried push the rest key on the back of routher, it did not work, pull out the power cord, replug , tried and tired, still could not access to router’s…

you might have a different login address heres how to find out

1. click start
2. on the left side click RUN
3. type CMD ( this will take you to the command prompt)
4. then when your in the command prompt type “ipconfig”
5. then find on the right side that says “default gateway”
6. then after that there should be some numbers like “***.***.*.***” where the asterisks replace the numbers that are there

7. type that number that is across from default gateway into your broswer with the http://
8. you should now get into your router login

If you have disabled the dhcp you need to correctly configure your tcp/ip properties before you can talk to it. You need an IP address for your card in the same subnet as the router, the same netmask as the router, and may also need the correct default gateway address before explorer can connect to it. you should have checked these settings before messing with it. If you manage to reset it correctly you can try to configure it again from scratch, check the manual for this.

if you want to reset it, you probably need to hold the reset in a few seconds, maybe 20 or so.

As for the problem, if you turned off DHCP, do you have a static IP on your PC? if not it will not connect since you probably got the generic windows 169.x.x.x subnet

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